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15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:51 pm

How many of you feel sleepy during work hours at office? We guess many of you feel. Go to any office and you see at least half a dozen people trying everything they could to stop falling sleep. A quick nap will not solve their problem! Why? It's all because of bad lifestyle habits like sleeping late at night. Feeling sleepy during day time can be a symptom for underlying sleep disorders or just incurable laziness. Here are 15 people(like some of us) who were caught taking a quick nap at work.
1.This Guy Who Was Sleeping Under Cubicle

This was a great idea and you will love it instantly if you too are a daytime napper! This guy was happy to sleep under his cubicle, which looks very, very, comfortable! Who needs bed when you have a chair and cubicle to sleep comfortably? Nobody can see this guy including his boss, while he happily sleeps under that cubicle.

This Guy Who Was Sleeping Under Cubicle-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

2.Queen's Guard Caught Sleeping

Queen's Guards are those people you commonly see in London standing at Royal palaces. These royal guards are known for their high degree of discipline. Foreign tourists in UK try to do every nasty thing they can do to disturb them. You can see such incidents in many YouTube videos. Here, a queen's guard was caught on camera napping!

Queen's Guard Caught Sleeping-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

3.Nap Time for a Doctor

When we think of doctors, some of us only think about how much money they make, but not how much effort they put in to become one. Doctors' life isn't all that easy as it seems. Many doctors go through severe stress, having to treat patients or deal with emergencies even in the middle of nights. Here' a doctor (or a residential intern) taking a quick nap at work.

Nap Time for a Doctor-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

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