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15 Times Phrasing Made Things Awkward

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 9:47 pm

English is one of the hardest languages to learn and master. The language is not all about grammar. Your grammatically correct sentence can still be perceived in a wrong manner.  Sometimes your choice of words makes a sentence sound irrelevant or inappropriate. The incorrect usage of a comma or period can mess up the whole sentence. Here are fifteen funny images that show why punctuation or proper choice of words is crucial.
13.Thor Finished on Top of Bridesmaids

We strongly think they were talking about Thor and Bridesmaids movies, which were released in 2011. Correct us, if we are wrong!

Thor Finished on Top of Bridesmaids-15 Times Phrasing Made Things Awkward

14.Boy Syrup, Any Takers?

Oh boy! We have never seen a syrup before that was as creepy as this 'Oh! Boy syrup'.

Boy Syrup, Any Takers?-15 Times Phrasing Made Things Awkward

15.Get a Job?

Get a job to make more donations? 

Get a Job?-15 Times Phrasing Made Things Awkward

As we said earlier, English is a difficult language to learn and master. Even native English speakers make a lot of grammatical mistakes in speaking or writing. However, the errors are different from those that are usually made by non-native English speakers. While most grammar errors go unnoticed, some of them make us laugh.

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