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15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:25 pm

We get to see ads, banners, books, paintings and many similar things every day. However, some of them grab our attention instantly. We stare at them because they look a bit funny, weird or inappropriate for the situation. Sometimes placement can be wrong, and someone times our perspective goes wrong. Either way, hilarious results are guaranteed! Here are fifteen pictures that show us why placement and perspective are important.
1.Something is Really Wrong with These Hitman and Huggies ads

This picture perfectly shows why placement is a thing, and why one should care about it. It looks awkward and inappropriate, but you still can't unsee how well those two billboards ads were aligned perfectly. Agent 47... you shouldn't aim your guns at kids! From an ad agency's perspective, we think they got what they wanted! Publicity!!!

Something is Really Wrong with These Hitman and Huggies ads-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

2.Not a Great Reaction to a Bad News

We got this picture for you from a magazine. If you keep reading different kinds of magazines, you will come across placement issues like these every now and then. So, what happened here? A girl talks about her sister who accidentally killed her, while the ad in the next page completely ruined the mood of the reader with a pretty awkward ad title and expression.

Not a Great Reaction to a Bad News-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

3.When Nature Has Other Ideas

We got to feel sorry for the two men on the billboard, as both of them were completely got trolled by mother nature! If you go to the other side and see this picture, this would look pretty normal. This picture is an example how one can see different sides of an object by changing perspectives and viewing angles.

When Nature Has Other Ideas-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

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