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15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:25 pm

We get to see ads, banners, books, paintings and many similar things every day. However, some of them grab our attention instantly. We stare at them because they look a bit funny, weird or inappropriate for the situation. Sometimes placement can be wrong, and someone times our perspective goes wrong. Either way, hilarious results are guaranteed! Here are fifteen pictures that show us why placement and perspective are important.
4.When Taglines Turn Funny

Bring protection... but to where? This tagline is already funny, and sounds like one got to bring protection (contraception) to theater. Interestingly, the property in the picture is a hospital, The hospital management must have got some very angry patients after this. By the way, 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' is a comedy film which was released this year, by the makers of Ted.

When Taglines Turn Funny-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

5.This Unfortunate Splatter of Mud

After seeing this picture, we came to a conclusion that advertising on buses is a bad idea for those companies that sell white panties! As a business owner, or an ad agency, it's hard to guess how their ad campaigns can go wrong until something like this happens. Despite the fail, we still see this as a win. Businesses take publicity, no matter how it comes.

This Unfortunate Splatter of Mud-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

6.This Hilarious Display Rack

Can you spot and tell us what went wrong here? Yes, check that cone-headed girl there! Those mascara wands are placed one on each other in a way that made girl in the bottom picture look like if she was bald. If you can give an extra second when you see things around yourself, you would definitely find hilarious scenes like these.

This Hilarious Display Rack-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

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