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15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:25 pm

We get to see ads, banners, books, paintings and many similar things every day. However, some of them grab our attention instantly. We stare at them because they look a bit funny, weird or inappropriate for the situation. Sometimes placement can be wrong, and someone times our perspective goes wrong. Either way, hilarious results are guaranteed! Here are fifteen pictures that show us why placement and perspective are important.
10.This Terrible Ad Placement

We love anime, and we love coffee! It looks like they both don't go well when they are brought together. This is indeed a terrible, terrible, ad placement. This is another great example how wrong placements can ruin many things at once. The McDonald's ad here got spoiled, and so does the show in the back.

This Terrible Ad Placement-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

11.Now It's Infographic's Turn

That infographic strip there made that guy look like he was masturbating. It's not just this hand, but his facial expressions too added more weight to the picture. Unfortunately for the guy, the guy next to him couldn't stop staring at his privates. Well, no one knows what's happening under the strip!

Now It's Infographic's Turn-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

12.Oh No, Grandma

What have you done ad agency guy? You couldn't find any other place to put this incredibly sweet grandma's banner? We know you can't unsee those two bulging lights. This picture does look hilarious. Don't try to laugh if you think this grandma deserve some respect! This is one more hilarious picture that was completely ruined by a wrong placement. 

Oh No, Grandma-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

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