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15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:25 pm

We get to see ads, banners, books, paintings and many similar things every day. However, some of them grab our attention instantly. We stare at them because they look a bit funny, weird or inappropriate for the situation. Sometimes placement can be wrong, and someone times our perspective goes wrong. Either way, hilarious results are guaranteed! Here are fifteen pictures that show us why placement and perspective are important.
13.This Placement Fail that Make Miley Cyrus Proud

Even a local grocery store owner wouldn't advertise his business in such places. Nestle is a multinational and global food processing business that can make much better ads than these or is that a hint that Nestle's products are trash? We don't know, We are not sure who might have made this advertisement, but it looks terribly bad and ugly. Hey there girl, you shouldn't lick random nasty stuff like that.

This Placement Fail that Make Miley Cyrus Proud-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

14.Have You Heard About Anatidaephobia Before?

We have two things here for you. One is a fail created by a wrong ad placement, and other is a new phobia that many of you might not have heard before. Anatidaephobia is a fear being watched continuously by a duck. Yes, there are people who can't stop thinking that a duck is constantly watching them.

Have You Heard About Anatidaephobia Before?-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

15.Starbucks S... cks

This is unfortunate. Nothing much Starbucks can do about that. In advertising, placement is very important. If something goes wrong, brands may still gain publicity from their fail. However, the publicity they got can be negative sometimes. 
Have you ever personally seen similar fails  before?

Starbucks S... cks-15 Times Placement Ruined Everything

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