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15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:44 pm

What makes a good photo? There are many things that make a good photo like scene composition, facial expressions such as smile, and many more -minus- unwanted objects or reflections. More than anything, mirrors placed at a wrong place ruin photos. Such photos not only look ugly but also very funny. Here are fifteen images that show why you need to double check your surrounding especially for a mirror, before taking a picture.
1.What are You Doing Grandpa?

Yes, grandpa is watching some real hardcore porn on his tablet. He has taken enough precautions so the people next to him can't see a thing. What grandpa didn't check is that there was a glass next to him, which was reflecting the scenes on his tablet screen to everyone around! Mirrors do reflect your deep feelings, which are better only when they are hidden!

What are You Doing Grandpa?-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

2.This Poor Old Man

The person who took this photo clearly knows what he was doing. It was that old man who doesn't know what the photographer was up to. He even gave a good smile hoping for a good photograph. This picture looks like that old man has grown a full sized female body! It is very, very, funny! Oh mirror, what have you done!

This Poor Old Man-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

3.This Man in Lady's Dress

That guy looks cute! Oh, wait a minute, what's wrong with his dress? Why was he wearing a top? Well, he's not wearing any girls tops! That was just a reflection. This is what mirrors can do to you if you aren't aware of their placements. Unfortunately you may not even know that somewhere somehow a mirror is all set to embarrass you!

This Man in Lady's Dress-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

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