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15 Troll Kids That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:48 pm

The relationship between a teacher and student is always interesting. Teachers are a mix of everything. They are elder than us and act like our parents. Some of them are cool enough to become our friends. Teachers are smart, and it is not at all easy to argue or dominate them. However, these fifteen kids perfectly know how to troll them smoothly. 
1.Difference Between 8 and 6

Let's begin this list with this hilarious picture. The kid here brilliantly trolled a teacher with that funny answer. So, what's the difference between eight and six? NOT two! The difference between the two is that 8 is all curled up, while 6 is not; says this brilliant kid! He or she knows the answer. They just want to show the cooler side of them to their teacher!

Difference Between 8 and 6-15 Troll Kids That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

2.Solids, Liquids and Dad's Gases

Kids are cute! Check this picture and you will know why. The kid drew a hilarious picture of his or her dad there. This kid is highly creative and has a good sense of humor. The answer may be wrong, but the kid deserves a strong appreciation. You won't believe it, but often creative kids like these grow up to become billionaires!

Solids, Liquids and Dad's Gases-15 Troll Kids That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

3.This Kid Who Didn't Forget His Birth

We all remember our birthdays. We know where we have born, and we even know our birth time. Well, none of us remember seeing our mom or doctors on the day we were born. This cute kid remembers everything. The kid even remembers saying hi to his or her mom. Now that's some good creativity up for display.

This Kid Who Didn't Forget His Birth-15 Troll Kids That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

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