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15 Workers Who Are Doing It Totally Wrong

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:35 pm

Workplace safety is not everyone's thing. Some people don't care about the workplace safety they were taught, and continue to do things that put the lives of theirs and people around them at risk. Here are 15 images where you will see workers who completely forgot what work place safety is all about.
1.Danger; Who Cares?

If something goes wrong, the entire place will turn into ashes. Everybody knows that it's not good idea to play with flammable gas, and that's why we see the warning signs. The worker here looks like he is not going to care any warning signs! He is happily smoking putting his and others lives in risk. 

Danger; Who Cares?-15 Workers Who Are Doing It Totally Wrong

2.This Can Go Wrong at Any Second

The worker used power cables to support the ladder! If you watch closely, it's not one ladder, but two attached together. He climbed the ladder all the way up to get hold of the power cables. It's all circus out there, and if something goes wrong, it's the end for this worker. 

This Can Go Wrong at Any Second-15 Workers Who Are Doing It Totally Wrong

3.When Ladder Got Hands

This double extension ladder has two of its legs in air, while a man is trying to support and balance it with his bare hands. This can go terribly wrong in many ways. These people hardly know what workplace safety is! We really hope it all ended well there.

When Ladder Got Hands-15 Workers Who Are Doing It Totally Wrong

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