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15 Random And Amazing Facts About Disney

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:02 pm

Disney! It is perhaps the most loved children entertainment company ever. Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney founded Disney in 1923. It was only an animation studio back then. The company soon became the most famous cartoon studio in the United States. Disney movies and TV shows were getting so popular that the company decided to cash in on the popularity by building a theme park. Disney built Disneyland in 1955, which then was dubbed as the happiest place on the planet. Today, the $75-billion-worth conglomerate is one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. Read these 15 random and surprising facts about Disney movies, TV shows, theme parks, and pretty much everything Disney owns and operates.

#7 Going To Disney Land !

Soon after winning the Super Bowl in 1987, quarterback Phil Simms -- prompted and handsomely paid by Disney to do so -- declared "I'm going to Disneyland!" It became a tradition for a player on the winning Super bowl team to make such a proclamation. It's not clear if Simms ever made it to Disneyland, but his team returned to the Super Bowl three years later -- sadly, with a different quarterback at the helm.

Going To Disney Land !-15 Random And Amazing Facts About Disney



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