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Amazing Trees

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 8:46 pm

1.Umbrella Thorn

This is one of the most common trees in Africa, and its name is the Umbrella Thorn. These trees tend to have a very dark bark with very small leaves. Umbrella Thorns tend to be drought-tolerant, which is why they are mainly found in the savannah areas of Africa. These trees can be seen all throughout the movie, The Lion King.

2.The Crooked Forest

Though these trees look like the bottom of umbrella handles, they have an even more unique name. This is known as the 'Crooked Forest.' These gorgeous trees are found near Gryfino, north-west Poland. There are about 400 curved pines in this forest. All these trees were planted sometime around 1930.

3.Tunnel Vision Trees

A tunnel of love made from trees. These gorgeous rows of trees start out straight, but as they continue further down, they bend and curve into the shape of a tunnel. These trees aren't adorned with an excess of leaves or color, but the shape of the branches are a beautiful sight to see as you look down the path.

4.Teapot Baobab

It might take a minute, but if you clear your mind, you will see why this shrub is called a Teapot Tree. This tree is of the Baobab (Adansonia) species. It is found in Ifaty, southwestern Madagascar. These trees are known to take different shapes and forms some of which include skulls, bottles, skulls or even a teapot.

5.Basket Tree

This gorgeous tree is also known as a Basket Tree. Though beautiful to look at, a tree like this didn't just sprout from the ground and take this shape naturally. Instead an arborsculpture planted six sycamore trees in a circle and then fixed them together to form the diamond-like pattern you see above.

6.Chair Tree

Instead of sitting under a tree and relaxing, with this tree you can actually sit on it. This gorgeous tree was created by a pair of tree shapers named Pooktre. They have spent years growing and cultivating various trees of different shapes and sizes. This particular tree is an eye-grabber. From the amazing way the bark assembles to create a chair, to how the crown and leaves form an umbrella shade to keep the sun out. This is truly a one-of-a-kind tree made with love.

7.Topiary Tree

This is a beautiful version of a Topiary Tree. These trees normally have their foliage clipped to form a certain defined shape. The tree's thick shrubbery is a vibrant green, which makes these trees stand out even more. It's not certain what shape the person responsible for this tree was going for, but these trees look exactly like broccoli spears.


8.Rolling Coconut Tree

This stunning tree is actually a Coconut tree. Coconut trees are known to be either tall or dwarf. This tree, however, takes on a life of its own. This tree is known as the Magic Rolling Coconut Tree. The name is fitting since the tree very much looks like a roller coaster. Though very rare, this coconut tree is located at Chloe Island.

9.Chandelier Tree

This tall beauty is known as the Chandelier Tree. This isn't just any ordinary tree; it is a drive-thru tree park. The Chandelier Tree stands at 315 feet. It is a coast redwood tree located in Leggett, California. The tree has a 6-foot wide by 6-foot-9-inch high hole right dab in its base; this hole allows cars to drive through. If you're wondering where the name 'Chandelier' comes from, it's due to the tree's one-of-a-kind limbs which hang down like a chandelier. This tree was carved somewhere in the early 1930s by Charlie Underwood.


10.Spiral Trees

Another tree turned into a masterpiece. The correct term for this type of tree is not known. The tree leaves are bright and lively, but it's the bark that steals the show. The bark's spiral shape makes the tree absolutely beautiful. These spiral trees can be found in Malaysia, where this is an entire garden of them.

11.Wire Tree

Though this bonsai tree looks like coils of rope, it is actually called a Wire Tree. This tree concept was created by Kevin Iris. This shrub was shaped and trained by Iris who used stiff pieces of wire to wrap around the tree's branches to guide them as they grow.

12.The Arch Tree

This Arch Tree would be the perfect place to get married. This tree is not a natural creation; instead it was shaped by a man named Axel Erlandson. His passion for shaping trees led to this stunning creation. This Arch Tree is currently housed in a park in Santa Cruz, California.

13.General Sherman

This tall drink of water is known as the General Sherman. The tree lives up to its name, by standing at 275 feet above ground. The General Sherman is a Giant Sequoia tree that is situated in the Sequoia National Park in California. The tree, which happens to be a redwood, is alleged to be between 2,300 and 2,700 years old.

14.Side Profile Tree

A rare tree, but beautiful nonetheless. The bark of tree has somehow formed a neck and the leaves and branches take it from there. Some might think this is a photoshopped image, but it is definitely a real tree. The branches and leaves of this tree, have intertwined and created an amazing side-profile.

15.Sideway Tree

Trees normally grow vertically, but there are cases where they grow sideways. Sideway trees grow in that manner due to erosion or a windy environment. Some trees grow like this because they grow faster than they are able to support their height and weight. This tree is stunning, as it has a tiny bark but such a huge frozen yet flowing crown and set of leaves.


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