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15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 4:06 pm

Unfortunately, some people on this planet are so dense that their stupidity starts leaking from their mouth while they talk. We don't specifically hate brainless people, but they irk us a lot when they try to propagate idiocy. Hey, we were trying to sound formal, but the title of the topic actually meant, "dumb people getting burned!" We are pretty sure this topic's going to oddly-satisfy all you readers who enjoy seeing dumbheads getting owned. Read the hilarious comebacks that charred the pride of these 15 stupid people to ashes! 
4.Thanks for Being Ugly

People post or tweet in social media like as if they are deep thinking philosophers, as if they know everything, and as if they discovered something new. In fact, people with commonsense will find statuses like those to be super stupid. Check how this deep thinker got owned by one of his or her Facebook friends.

Thanks for Being Ugly-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

5.Yes, They Can Be Longer

"Can't wknds be longer?"
"Yes. Weekends."
Well, this is hilarious! The whole world understood what this comeback is all about except that girl. Oh boy, she was clueless!

Yes, They Can Be Longer-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

6.She Meant to Say Stop SOPA

Remember that SOPA bill, government wanted to introduce a few years back? The whole internet went berserk protesting to stop that from happening. Everybody tried their best to protest SOPA, so did this girl. She was funny. What was funnier is that guy's reply! Aren't we really tired of people who blindly follow internet/social media trends without knowing facts?

She Meant to Say Stop SOPA-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

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