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Awesome Vines 6 Second Videos

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 12:50 pm

1.Thug life

Well if this was your grandmother would you be proud or cringe in horror? At least she is game for a laugh and has no worries in making herself look a little bit silly, so go on grandma!!

2.Double team

Playing a prank on somebody is even better when it is a double prank and that is what happens with this vine. The poor guy has no idea what is going on, but that means it is funnier to watch and at least he can laugh at it all once the joke is over.

3.Spot the difference

This is clever and just takes a loved piece of film and adds a rather different twist to it. It is funny, it is enjoyable to watch, and yes it will leave you with an impression in your mind that will be almost impossible to remove.

4.Failed attempt

Everybody knows about the trick with diet Coke and Mentos, but this is a perfect example of how it can all go wrong in a matter of seconds. It really is one of those little moments that are just made for these vine videos as you will see when you watch it.

5.Faster Big Ben!!

This is one of those clever vines where it uses time lapse photography and some clever editing to produce something that is quite cool. It is simple, but effective in what it does and you should seriously consider watching it.

6.A sleeping violent

The reaction of this woman to being woken is outstanding and you just get enough time to see how the person annoying her reacts. This is priceless and you feel like congratulating her for not messing around.


Remember that game as a kid where you would ring a bell and run away? Well that is what is going on here, but if you are going to try it as an adult do make sure that you know how to run without making yourself look like an idiot and being caught.


8.Cool bike

OK so it is not just the bike itself that is cool, but it is what he does with it that really makes this vine awesome. You can probably guess just thanks to this rather poor snapshot, but it does involve him going right over on his bike and ending up back in the vertical position.

9.Long jump

If this is how they did the long jump in athletics, then it would be far more popular than it currently is. The way in which this person jumps over this many people is really outstanding, but it could have so easily gone horribly wrong.


10.The wooden man

Yes this guy has made a vine while using a wooden man as a prop. What this shows is that you just need some imagination and a camera of some kind to make them and you never know how popular your rather simple little video is going to become.

11.The look of disbelief

This vine is cool because of the look on the face of the dog. It is just hilarious and just completely captures the moment. It is no wonder that the owner decided to put the clip up there so that at least we can all see it and share in it.


12.Dog with human hands

Well you can immediately see why this vine is awesome. It is so simple by just having the dog head there with human hands, but that is what vine is all about, simple things that are simple to watch.


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