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12 Hilarious Before And After Marriage Pictures

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 7:57 am

Many people say marriage is like a stinky public toilet. Those who wait outside are eager to get in, while the ones inside are desperate to get out! It's true that a person needs to have a lot of patience to keep a marital relationship going. They need to understand that they no longer can exercise their freedom in making or breaking life decisions. They can't be secretive with their lives either. Have a look at these 12 funny before and after marriage pictures that tell you why marriage isn't for everyone!

#11 This Is How It Works

Well the way that life works does seriously change when you are married and this is the perfect example. Here the guy is happy to tie her shoelaces, but then after getting married she has to get involved as well although not always as a stepladder.

This Is How It Works-12 Hilarious Before And After Marriage Pictures



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