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12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 12:46 pm

If you haven't checked Roast Me subreddit on Reddit yet, you are probably missing a lot of fun. "Roast Me" is a hilarious subreddit where people post their photos asking redditors to roast them with vicious comments. If you ever wonder what it feels like to be bullied, just take a selfie, post it there, and watch Reddit trolls leaving highly insulting yet hilarious feedback! Don't forget to hold a sign that reads /R/RoastMe as a token of consent.  If you are someone who gets offended easily, "Roast Me" isn't a great place for you. However, if you love dark humor, check these 12 Reddit Roast Me posts that are way too hilarious!
10.Roasting An Already-Roasted Girlfriend

"You left your sex doll in the oven too long." 
This is yet another hilarious roast that is sure to crack up people right away! Instead of roasting that neatly dressed guy, people chose his somewhat weird-looking girlfriend. As you can read, the Reddit user "WayTooMuchAadam" decided to roast that girl as opposed to the boy. They compared her to a sex doll that was left in the oven a little too long! Let's hope that redditors gave that guy some well-deserved roasts as well. Well, this picture also appears as if that man in whites is asking him to roast him like his girl, referring to her tan! 

Roasting An Already-Roasted Girlfriend-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

11.This Epic Roast!

"I like the way your eyeliner points in the two directions that your parents went when they got divorced."
We must admit that this roast is one of the best on the topic. Well, that was a creative comment, and no wonder some random stranger gifted "sothisis30" gold! Is her eyeliner really conveying that message? Really!? Well, if you read that roast a couple of times while watching the girl, you may find that funny comment very convincing! We are sure people might have commented about her nose ring as well! 

This Epic Roast!-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

12.A Genuine Question, Though

"I can't tell if you're a 15-year-old nerd or a 40-year-old lesbian." 
 Here comes the last roast of the topic. That kid in the picture looks awkward enough to mistake for a 40-year-old butch, at least in the picture! Hey, do you want to get yourself roasted by the Reddit community? Well, go ahead, post your selfie or a picture consenting to be roasted and watch trolls ripping your pride apart and throw it everywhere! Even if you are an extremely good-looking person, you are still going to take some extremely negative feedback home. 

A Genuine Question, Though-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

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