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12 Best "Said No Woman Ever" Memes Ever

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 8:27 am

"Said No Woman Ever" is a notable internet meme that emphasizes the things women generally wouldn't do. The meme also highlights the female-specific stereotypes. It goes something like, "How about a quickie before going to work �" said no women ever!" An exasperated man invented this meme a couple of years ago just to vent out his frustration on women for the things he wanted them to do, but they wouldn't! The topic is funny, but more than that, girls can take note of things they usually do that annoy men! Scroll down to Look at the 12 best "Said No Woman Ever" memes now.  
1.This Nice Guy Meme That Tell The Truth

Girls always fall in love with jerks. What do the jerks do? They cheat and leave. Result? girls cry for few days calling all men (including you and me) in the world pigs and start searching for another moron! "Hey, I know you from a very long time. You seem to be a nice guy! Perhaps, we should give it a shot," said no woman ever! God knows why women friendzone nice guys and complain about getting dumped by unfaithful and selfish idiots. Let's pray for all our deserving brothers who are struggling to get out of the friend zone!   

This Nice Guy Meme That Tell The Truth-12 Best

2.Never enough dresses

A woman will always be able to find space for another dress no matter how full the wardrobe appears to be. There is always an excuse or some kind of outing that needs something else.

3.Always late

If a woman actually did turn around and say this, then there is a very good chance that the guy would faint with shock. We all know that it would probably be said tongue in cheek as she knows that the chances of it actually happening are pretty slim to say the least.

4.Yep they do not look football

Women just do not understand the importance of a full day of football and that it allows guys to touch base with their inner self. Instead, it is ok for there to be a full day of watching chick flicks or a full day shopping, but not this.

5.Geeks do not win early on

The chances of the geek winning the girl in those teenage years are pretty non-existent. Instead, they will be left on the geek shelf due to the reluctance of the girl to actually even notice him in the first place.

6.Calmly and rationally do not apply

At one point a woman may indeed believe deep inside herself that she can do this, but we all know that it is not the case and it will all go pear shaped pretty early on. It is always best to just step back and wait for things to blow over.

7.You mean it doesn't?

Well you see this is now going to be confusing for guys as we are under the impression that it does indeed do something for women due to the noises they make. Oh you mean they are fake noises? Well why didn't you say?


8.Yep there are never enough

There is more chance of us finding a talking elephant than you finding a woman that says she has enough shoes and clothes. There will always be an excuse to get something new no matter how feeble that excuse may actually be.

9.Yeah don't keep quiet

This is the curious thing. If a guy talks about it to his friends, then he is in the wrong and it is a horrible thing to do, but women are even worse when it comes to gossiping about this kind of thing. They will go into all kinds of details over coffee.


10.Guys wish this would happen

Guys will openly admit that they wish that this would happen because at least then it would mean it was all out in the open since they would have been looking there anyway. Is there a woman out there that is so inviting?

11.No is a subjective term

What is it with the relationship between women and the word NO? It seems that at times they are bosom buddies, but then at other times, when guys say it, they seem to become deaf and unable to hear it?

12.So very true

Yeah if you carried out a test most women would instantly go for the guy with the abs and body rather than the one that actually has a personality. They are just as bad at going for looks as guys.


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