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Best Free PC Games

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 3:23 pm

1.Auto Club Revolution

Auto Club Revolution is a fantastic free driving game where you get the chance to at least virtually get behind the wheel of some of the best cars in the world and get some kind of an idea as to what they are like to drive. Another cool part is that you are able to customize them to a certain extent and this alone is interesting to do as it does allow the creative juices to start to flow. The driving part is also fun, and considering it is free it does make it real value for money.

2.DC Universe Online

This is a good idea for a game as it involves you choosing a character from the DC Universe stable and leap into action in a world with different games and quests that will help to keep you entertained. The game play is smooth, it does allow you to choose from a range of characters, and overall it is fun, so the advice is to download it and see for yourself how good it is to play.

3.Age of Empires

If you love those games where you can build empires, then Age of Empires Online is the game for you. This version gives you different quests to get your teeth into and it does just allow you to see if you can master this type of game before you go ahead and purchase a big and powerful version that can offer you even more things to do. The graphics and game play are what you would expect from a game such as this and overall it is a pleasant enough thing to download and that alone is a good enough reason to go ahead and do so.

4.Wing Commander Saga

This free game is massive as it provides you with 55 different missions and you can only imagine how long it will take you to complete them. This game is smooth, the graphics are fantastic, and it is the follow up to an extremely popular PC game, so it does already have that fan base out there and even they have said how it is such a good game to play. This is undoubtedly something you should seriously think about downloading.

5.Team Fortress 2

This game is not exactly brand new, but it is still a lot of fun and it is a classic shooter game to play. The game is quite silly to play, but that is never a bad thing and even though some of the aspects of the game have been surpassed by others this is still a free game that you should seriously consider downloading just for the experience alone.

6.Tribes : Ascend

When it comes to shooting games that are free, then Tribes: Ascend has to be the best one that is currently out there. This game comes with massive maps for you to explore and it is action packed from start to finish, so you really do need to have your wits about you or there may be a lot of trouble ahead. Yes you can buy upgrades, but there is no real need to do so unless you are completely addicted.

7.Zuma Blitz

This game is simple, but it has the problem of being ultra-addictive. The entire idea is just to shoot colored balls before they can move right around you and even though this sounds easy it does get quite tricky and lead to you getting into a panic and being stressed out. It really is an enjoyable game and the fact it is free just makes things even better.



You can tell just from this screenshot that Wonderputt is going to be a fantastic little game to play that will undoubtedly keep you amused for long periods of time. As you can see it is all about mini-golf and some of the holes you can end up playing are so much fun that you will always be glad that you downloaded it in the first place.


This game is basically just a battle, but you can see from this snapshot that even though it is free the graphics are first class and the actual game play itself is also so slick. Thanks to the angle from which you see everything it does make it that bit easier to keep track of what is going on as you fight for your life and you are going to undoubtedly have some fun doing it as well.


10.Super House of dead Ninja

Ok this may not have the slick graphics, but when it comes to game play, then there are not that many games out there that are better than Super House of dead Ninja right now. The best part is that it does produce completely random challenges for you to try out and this alone keeps the game fresh and interesting with it keeping you entertained for hours.


This is another game where you will need to purchase a few things if you would like to upgrade during the game, but the basic setup is still going to be good enough to keep you entertained for quite some time. The idea is that you are behind the controls of your very own Mech and you battle against others in your own little world. The upgrades are to get better weapons and protection, but at least you get to try it out first with the free version


12.Planetside 2

Even from just looking at this game can you believe that it is actually absolutely free? In order to really get anywhere you will need to buy some additional features as you move along, but the basic game costs you nothing and even that part is quite enjoyable and allows you to see if you would love to play it some more. This game is just an all out battle, so be prepared to shoot until your heart is content.


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