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Best Prank Call Ideas

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020, 9:51 am

1.The Internet Service

You need a guy to do this, so call a number and when a guy answers make out you are from a local Internet service. Pretend that their details have appeared on a pornographic website and get them to slowly reveal what they have been doing in their spare time. It is surprising what you can find out. But make sure you don't hurt an innocent and tell the person that it's a prank in the end otherwise this kind of accidents may happen.

2.The public announcer

Call up a place where you know they have a public tannoy and get them to make an announcement for somebody to call home. This can be a real person, choose somebody a bit famous without it being too obvious, or a joke name can also work. After it, you just sit back and enjoy the knowledge that they have just made an ass of themselves.

3.The game show

Call somebody and pretend you are on a game show and need their help to answer a question for a reasonable amount of money. Have a clock ticking in the background and beg them for help and when they answer make sure it is the wrong answer and how ashamed you are.


Pick a number, call it, and tell the guy on the other end of the line that the five kids he has adopted are ready for collection. You will of course have his last name, so make it all sound very formal indeed and give some details such as his address, if you look it up, and the name of the local hospital to make it all sound more legit.

5.The fake relative

Call up somebody and use a foreign accent with some dodgy English and try to convince them that you are some relative who has just landed at the local airport and they were supposed to pick you up. They will wonder what on earth is going on and you may get a few choice words in return.

6.The funny name

How about this for an idea? Make up some strange comedy name and call people up asking if they are at home. There are a number that you can actually choose including the likes of Maya Buttreeks or I.P. Freely, so go crazy with your ideas and see the reaction that you get.

7.Reverse prank call

OK so you get those sales calls all of the time and they annoy the hell out of you. Well why not have some fun and turn the tables on them by either trying to sell something to them or simply say somebody is at the door and you will BRB. All you then do is leave them hanging to see how long they are there for and you may be amazed at the time.


8.Repeat calls

Basically you can seriously annoy some people by calling them up and asking who is this followed by telling them that they called you. Of course they will hang up, so call them again and keep repeating what they are saying, but putting it across as if it is them that is doing it.

9.A strange order

Why not call up somebody and ask if they would like to confirm some strange party guests that they have ordered. This can really be anything, so be as strange as you like for example limbo dancing dwarves.


10.The prank survey

People are forever being asked to do surveys on the phone, so how about doing your own and pretending to be from a top company? The entire idea is that you ask them ever increasingly strange and funny questions and do try to keep a straight face when they answer them.

11.The wrong number call back

With this prank you call up asking for somebody that you know does not live there and of course you will be told that you have the wrong number. A couple of minutes later call the number again, but talk in a disguised voice and pretend to be the person that they asked for. Ask the person on the other end of the phone if there have been any messages for them and wait to see the reaction.


12.Mister Wall

This a classic call where you ask if Mister Wall is there followed by Mrs Wall then ask what is holding up their ceiling. At first it may not sound funny, but it is amazing how often people stay on the phone as you keep talking before they even click that you are just trying to be smart and prank calling them.


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