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Best Pranks For April Fool's Day

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 3:37 pm

1.Cover onions in caramel.

This one is self explanatory by the image above, Just peel out the outer covering of onions and the root bush and dip it in caramel. insert a a Popsicle stick on one side and serve them to your victim.

2.Freak them out via text

This one is actually a risky one but who cares, It's April fool's day so here we go. Text your partner that you have not been completely honest with them and then don't reply for 1 hour. Another one is text her/him: 'I am breaking up with you' and again message back 'sorry wrong number' and watch their reaction, Above is one of the hysterical reply. :D

3.Make your girlfriend wet for real

Haha, Cheesy title right? i know. Well, it's actually possible to make her wet without doing much. Just challenge her if she can hold a coin on her forehead and drop it exactly inside a paper made cone placed half inside the pants(Probably show her by doing it first so she is assured it's a real deal). The moment she places the coin on her forehead, just grab a water bottle and pour the water in the paper cone and run like a Cheetah. :D

4.Cutting your girlfriend's hair

This is a great way to fool your girlfriend or if you are a single guy like me, then your sister or your mom. Just go to a wig shop and get a bunch of the hairs with the same color of your victim's hair. Now go silently into her room and while facing her back, just play the scissors enough to make the noise of a cut, the moment they see you, shout out loud, you cut their hair and run for your life! :D

5.Vacuum pump prank

Grab a vacuum pump and slowly go where your victim is sleeping. take the vacuum pump near their mouth and start it with full pressure. The resultant expression you get on their face is shown above. :D

6.Sleeping guy prank

This one will work only if your friend or someone you want to prank is sleeping or if they are busy doing something with their one hand free. Just fill their hand silently with shaving cream or any other foam, and try tickling their ear or nose with a leaf or something and when they try removing the tickling material, they accidentally put the cream/foam on their face. :D

7.Tooth paste and Oreo prank

Not many of you will be familiar with this prank. It's simple, Take an Oreo packet, take out a few Oreos and lick the creamy part. Now squeeze out a little tooth paste and carefully spread it over the Oreo biscuit and then attach the two pieces, Heat dry it so that it looks more real. Now take the Oreos packet and start sharing with everyone! :D


8.Airhorn Duct tape Prank

OLD BUT GOLD! If you are on the internet for awhile then you probably don't need the explanation for setting up this prank. Simply grab an Airhorn and duct tape and let your imagination fly. Stick the Airhorn behind the door with duct tape or below the office chairs or behind a window or any place you can think of, this is probably the most handy and workable prank you can set up! :D

9.Lubricant swapping

HAHA! This one is sure to make a big fool out of them. Swap hand sanitzer with personal lubricant. Watch the face of people when they squeeze out the liquid and rub their hands :D I actually did this on my brother and he was like WTH is this? :D


10.Fake p0op

This one is quite old but still works like a charm. Just take some empty toilet paper rolls and tear them into small pieces, Now soak them in water for a few seconds and then mash them together with your hands and mold it to appear like in the image above. Your prank is ready, now just place it somewhere on a thing which he/she likes the most ex: his/her chair. Take it to a next level, make the dog sit nearby before he/she sees. :D

11.Head in a Jar

Take a big jar of any transparent liquid, Now take a big photograph of a guy(make sure his face looks pathetic so that they find it more real or if you could take a photo of a person with a little distorted face) now place it inside the jar carefully so that it looks somewhat like the one shown in this above photo. Keep the Jar in your refrigerator and let the fun begin! :D


12.The soap prank

This one is actually very handy, Just take a nail polish(make sure it's a transparent color) and paint the soap bar with it. Now, whenever the victim try washing his/her hands, soap will not lather. I just did this on my sister, she now keeps her nail polish in a safe! :D


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