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Best Text Chat Sites

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:21 am


This website is a real mixture of things, but one aspect is that it allows you to chat via text online. Yes you do need to sign up and create a profile, but after that you will spend hours exploring it and discovering new people on an hourly basis.

2.Yahoo Messenger

There is a bit more to this than just chatting to one other person as they do link to chat rooms and that is where you can really get involved in a whole host of discussions. The software takes next to no time to download and you are then set up and able to start talking.

3.Online Chat with Strangers

This website gives you the chance to create your own chat rooms on subjects that you have an interest in and then anybody can find them and take part. It is very basic, but then if you are just chatting by text is there any need for it to be all fancy?


Yep most people forget that Facebook does also have a text chat option where you can talk away to anybody that is your friend. OK it might be cheating a bit since it is not primarily a chat room, but it still works and it does it instantly.

5.Second Life

This is another virtual world where you can create a character and then spend your time walking around chatting to people. It is pretty well developed and there is no way you should end up feeling bored on there unless you forget to mix with others.


IMVU is not strictly just a text chat website as instead it is also a virtual world. People can create their own rooms and you can easily move around them making new friends from all walks of life.

7.Chat Avenue

The people behind this website claim that it is the biggest site of its kind online, but that is probably a bit up for debate. As you can see there is nothing special about it, but it is very popular although if you are an adult you better be careful due to the number of kids.



This website claims it has nice chat rooms with nice people and they also have a fantastic app so you can chat while you are on the move. It does work a bit better when you forget about video as most people do this, so find out who has the same interests as you and enjoy your evening.

9.Pal Talk

As you can see from this shot there are thousands of rooms on PalTalk, so it is understandable why it is so popular online. You can find people chatting about most subjects if you look hard enough, so sit back and get ready to chat the night away.



This is a straightforward chat website and they do like to just keep things nice and simple as much as possible. All you need to do is enter in a few details, without having to register, and within minutes you can be chatting to a group of people from around the world.

Well this website is bright and cheerful and when it comes to text only that is something that you want to be looking for. It has a range of rooms and there is no doubt that you will end up having a great time in there.


Come on who here has never heard of MSN or the ability to chat online with it? Yes you can put in video, but most people use it just to text chat as it is fast, easy, and you can have a number of conversations happening at any given time.


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