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12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:54 pm

Caveman SpongeBob or Primitive SpongeBob or Spongegar was one of the most popular memes of 2016. The meme is a depiction of SpongeBob SquarePants's ancient ancestor, Primitive SpongeBob. The prehistoric SpongeBob character first appeared on Season 1 Episode 14a, "SB-129," in 1999. People often confuse Primitive or Cavemen SpongeBob with another old character of the show, SpongeGar. Contrary to popular belief, Caveman SpongeBob and SpongeGar are not the same. Now, check these 12 truly hilarious SpongeBob Memes!
1.When You Are Playing Hide-and-Seek

"When you're playing hide n seek but haven't found a spot yet, and you hear, 'Ready or not, here I come!'"
Ah, this meme reminds us our good old childhood days! Isn't it? We all had those moments of unpreparedness while playing hide-and-seek, and were triggered and panicked by the screams of the seeker! Well, if you observe, we haven't really stopped playing hide-n-seek even though we have grown older. Problems keep telling us, "Ready or not, here I come," and often end up finding no way to escape them! 

When You Are Playing Hide-and-Seek-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

2.When The Waiter Walks By

"When the waiter walks by, but the food is not yours!"
Sometimes restaurants make you wait for an insanely longer period to deliver your food that you start losing appetite and patience. You hope every food plate coming your way to be yours, but feel like you lost a war when the yummy food goes to some other table! In a worst-case scenario, you may even see people who came after you chomping on their food while you furiously look at the waiters who act as if you don't exist at all! Now tell us who the real servers are?!

When The Waiter Walks By-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

3.That's Embarrassing!

"When you are at the doctor's office with your mom, and the doctor asks if you're sexually active!" 
Sometimes it sucks to be in late teens! You are neither a kid nor a full-grown adult. You may have partners, engage in sexual encounters, party hard, and do many things like an adult, but when it comes to visiting a doctor, your mom, in most cases, makes sure she is by your side! 
Doctor: It looks like gonorrhea; are you sexually active?
You: No, not even once! *Proudly looks at mom*
Doctor: It may be cancer then, you need chemo.
You: WTF.
Just kidding, docs aren't that stupid! 

That's Embarrassing!-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

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