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Coolest Hidden Video Cameras

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:35 pm

1.Your MP3 player

The best part about this MP3 player spy cam is that it does still work and play music, so you can be entertained while you film. It shows how you do not require a lot of space for it to work and who would ever expect a simple MP3 player as being anything different.

2.Change that channel

Of course for a hidden camera to really work you have to make sure that the object it is hidden in still does the job it is intended for. That is where this remote control comes in because it really will change channel as you would expect it to do, but of course it is recording everything.

3.Is it chewing gum?

This hidden camera looks as if it is out of a bad James Bond movie and you feel as if they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it came to trying to think of new places to hide them. You would need to be trying to convince a pretty stupid person for them to be fooled by this.

4.Can you tell the time?

Hidden cameras are in a range of clocks, so they do not always have to be in something as ornate as this. The good thing is that people will tend to not pay too much attention to the clock or think it is anything else even though it is one of the prime locations for a hidden camera because surely they wouldn't put one in a clock this boring?

5.Some special glasses

Surely if you were wearing these it would not look as if anything was wrong or different? However, these glasses do indeed contain a hidden camera and the clarity that comes from it is pretty good. Just remember that your eyesight may mean you need different lenses.

6.See the light

Well how useful is this going to be? Not only does it let you see where you are going, but it also doubles as the light for the camera. If this was just sitting around in the correct situation would you even contemplate that it was a camera?

7.A special cross

Surely some people would feel that this cross is something that should not be used as a hidden camera, but then the entire thing about a hidden camera is that it is in the places that you least expect it to be. At least with the design you can get the best technology in there resulting in a crystal clear picture.


8.Brushing on film

You have to admit that you would never suspect these toothbrushes to be anything else other than to clean your teeth, but of course there is a bit more to them than that. Instead, they contain tiny cameras that can film whatever is going on in your bathroom.

9.Your keyring

This keyring for your car looks very normal right down to the different buttons on it, but it does come with a few surprises. This not only takes images, but it also records video, just remember not to hit record when it is in your pocket.


10.A calculated risk

This calculator certainly has a bit more to it than just helping you with some sums. It does have a very small lens hidden on the side and that then allows you to take some pretty cool footage and at least you can still use it as a calculator as well.

11.Cool cap

There are several caps out there that also contain hidden cameras and you can see how well they can work in a wide range of situations. They will blend in perfectly well and it is big enough that you can get quite a lot of technology in there resulting in some fantastic footage.


12.A normal belt?

So on the surface this looks like a completely normal belt, but of course that is not the case. The buckle contains a hidden camera, but the only problem here has to be that it ends up shooting people at waist level, so does that not lead to some strange moves on your part?


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