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Creative Doorstops

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:30 pm

1.Zombie Doorstop

Scary, this zombie doorstop may best serve at Halloween to keep the door open for trick or treaters, but is also effective any time of year for horror fans. Looking as if the zombie is being crushed by the door, he holds it open with a grimacing look on his face.

2.Shoe Planter

How cute is this doorstop? A true gardener, or plant lover's, doorstop. Great for outside facing doors, this doorstop features a large shoe boot with a plant inside, holding the door open for easy passage. Pretty yet effective, it brings a warmth to any entrance, reminding us of simpler days.

3.Wicked Witch Doorstop

It's funny how we only have to see the striped socks and ruby slippers to know just who owns them. A movie that made such an impact on so many lives, this doorstop is whimsical and pays homage to everyone's childhood memories of the Wizard of Oz and the weird feeling of seeing the witch crushed under Dorothy's house.

4.Poop Stop

Now picture how this looks when the wedge is shoved under the door. It will appear as if Fido has decided to relieve himself right next to the door, and even more funny, it looks as if the dog poop is holding the door open for you. A funny chocolate swirl that you can almost smell.

5.Little Man

For a little guy he packs a big punch, holding open this large door. It seems unlikely that he would be effective, yet he is. Deceptively cute, this little cut out, that looks more like a cookie cutter, than a doorstop, he is no weakling. A fun way to make people smile as they pass by.

6.Kneeling Wedge

A fun gag gift, or for anyone who has a sense of humor. This woman seems to be going to great lengths to keep your door open. Bent over and seemingly hidden under the door from the waist up, the woman seems to be using all her might to help you out.

7.Word Stop

The newest way to stop a door from closing. With large letters, this doorstop makes an impact as the door slides across the word "stop." Wedged to accommodate any door, a very effective way to keep busy doors open. A great gift, or keep it for yourself, and enjoy a nice breeze or ease of entry.


8.World Money

Looking like money that has fallen on the ground, these unique doorstops will have people chuckling. They may even bend over and pick it up, getting a surprise when the door shuts on them. A fun gift for family or friends, or even for yourself, to add some fun to your home.

9.Loose Leaf

Now this is one cool doorstop. Looking like a fallen leave, it works great for an outside facing door. Almost unbelievable in the way that it works, but it does. Just put the leaf under the door and voila, your door will stay open, or slightly ajar. You determine how much or how little the door closes.


10.L Wedge

A colorful way to keep the door ajar. Fits under most doors with its graduated incline. The tall end holds the door open. Some doorstops can be so ugly, but not these. A fun way that is effective yet simple in design. Choose any color to match your decor, or to stand out from the room.

11.Key Stop

A cute way to keep the door open. Instead of using this key to open the door, it keeps the door open. Weather carrying heavy items in and out of a room or house, or just allowing a cool breeze to flow through, these little doorstops are adorable and effective.


12.Doggie Dog

Hey doggie dog, keep my door open please. This cute and oddly shaped dog is weighted to keep doors ajar. With a small head and curled up tail, he looks strange but adorable as he sits at the door guarding it from intruders. A fun way to add some pizzazz to the typical doorstop.


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