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12 Creative And Funny Doormats Ever

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 8:59 am

A doormat is something we are least likely to take a closer look at when we visit someone's home. The reason is obvious! What's there in a doormat to look at anyway? We thought the same too until we saw these 12 funny and creative doormats! A doormat can be a style statement. It can show people how cool as a person you are. It helps tell your visitors your unique shopping sense, be it buying precious jewelry or a cheap doormat! Check 12 of the best creative doormats that you can buy on the internet.
1.Beer On Time

This doormat is probably in front of the door of every beer connoisseur in the universe. To someone who loves beer, there's never a need to look at the time to see if it's too early to start drinking. Chances are, that if you are late arriving to your friend's home, and they have this doormat, then they're probably too focused on other things to notice.

2.Wrong Door Doormat

This mat is great for those times when a random stranger comes to your door looking for Luke, when your name is Patrick. All you have to do is tell them to "read the rug" and you won't be bothered anymore. Of course you could use the same technique on your friends, but then you'd probably void your next birthday gift in doing so.

3.Dirty Rug

This doormat only has one wish and if you've been out in the rain all day, you will certainly honor that command. By the time visitors get done rubbing their feet all over this rug, the white letters will more than likely be black. As they say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

4.Ring Doorbell and Run

If you don't mind being a personal trainer to a dog, then you should run if you see this doormat. This doormat is intended to be a joke, but you can never be too careful when it comes to people who have dogs. As hilarious as this doormat is, it would be tragic if the message on the rug turned out to be true.

5.Home Button Doormat

This clever doormat takes one of the most used keys on a keyboard and has put it on a rug. This mat can be taken in two ways. Someone visiting might just see it as a 'welcome message.' However, a freeloading friend might see this as a "my home is your home" kind of a deal, where they can make themselves comfortable and do whatever they want to do.

6.Go To The Neighbors

This doormat gives you the opportunity to get better coffee, tea and appetizers. The mat is a slam at the owner, as it implies that they have crappy and subpar items to offer. Then again, this mat is a good way to prevent your friends from meddling with your items during their stay.

7.Not You Again

If you know someone you don't particularly care for is on their way to your home, just take out this doormat. It's a great way to show your discontent for someone, and they will be none the wiser. Even if you keep this doormat out all the time, it's a definite conversation starter and will have your guests inquiring about where you got it.


8.Take Your Top Off

This doormat gets straight to the point, with the opened beer bottle being a huge giveaway. This mat would be perfect for a bachelor or a frat boy who spends his weekends with his face in the toilet bowl. Anyone who purchases this doormat should clarify which gender they want to actually do that action.

9.Nice Underwear

If doormats were a person, then they would be getting eyefuls all day long. This mat only makes sense if the person is wearing a dress, kimono, skirt or kilt. Men will get the joke, but it doesn't apply to them. Then again, some women don't wear underwear, so it wouldn't apply to those fancy-free people either.


10.Scale Doormat

This doormat is a weight-watcher's worst nightmare. Instead of standing on a regular rug, visitors will be in for a shock when they step on this scale doormat. This rug is perfect for Thanksgiving Day, meaning that your visitors will be able to weigh themselves after eating all of that food and know not to overindulge next time.

11.Please Stay On the Mat

This mat plays on that random and annoying message that plays when you're on hold for customer service. While the person visiting is waiting to be let in, this mat gives them something to read and chuckle about. Unfortunately, after dusting your feet off on this mat over an extended period of time, you won't be able to read the joke.

12.iPhone Lock Doormat

Anyone who has an iPhone can appreciate this doormat. It's that annoying little feature on the Apple phone that you have to swipe every time you put your phone down for a few seconds. People typically wipe their feet vertically, so it would be funny to see someone take the command on this mat literally.


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