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12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 11:33 am

Did you know soap bar was invented in 2800 BC by ancient Egyptians? Since then, millions around the world have been using soap to clean dust, dirt, and germs off their bodies. Although many people have switched to using body washes and shower gels lately, soap bars are still the most popular way of taking a bath. Most soap bars are square or rectangular. Round or oval shaped bathing bars are not uncommon. What many of us don't know is that there exists a million dollar creative soap bar industry, and it only manufactures soaps in unconventional shapes and sizes. Take a look at 12 funny and creative soap bars that make you feel like buying one right now!

#12 Razor Blade Soap

We have all heard the stories of razor blades being hidden in apples during Halloween. The stories aren't real, but they still freaked many children and parents out some time back. It looks like these razor blade soap bars bring back those nightmares! Yes, that is a real razor blade inside the soap. The edges of the blade are not dulled either. The soap is one of the many weirdest things that are on sale on Etsy. It is just a fun gag gift. The seller listed these soaps as decorative items, and warned buyers not to use them as real bathing bars!

Razor Blade Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars



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