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Creative Elevator Ads

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:56 pm

1.Powerful message

There is no doubt that this is a very powerful message to put across and it is a fantastic way of using the sliding doors on the elevator to great effect. Yes we all know not to drink and drive, but the person that came up with the idea of having two cars coming together on the doors really is very clever indeed.

2.Get the lobster

This lobster is just ready for cooking, but of course the chef needs to do his bit first and that is what awaits it inside the elevator. This is another clever example of how to use the back of the elevator as well as the doors to your advantage.

3.Out of the closet

This advert is quite funny since it just looks as if you have been in a cupboard for some reason and then you emerge as if nothing has happened. This is actually an advert for a group that helps people to come to terms with their sexuality, so they are playing on a very clever set of words.

4.A clever lawyer

You have to admire this lawyer and how creative they have been in producing this advert in the first place. The idea is that it shows how your perfect life can fall apart and at that point you need expert advice and they are there to help you.

5.Enter the lion

Do you feel brave enough to enter this elevator? Do you look at that giant mouth and start to get concerned about it and prefer to then use the stairs? It is actually a very clever way of advertising this particular TV station.


This is quite funny because all that you see from the outside are those fingers whereas on the inside of the elevator door it is a completely different story. That in itself is exceptionally clever and they are just playing on one of the major fears that people have about being inside an elevator in the first place.

7.Twist your mind

This is the kind of advert that really does play with your mind and it does this by showing both sides of the refrigerator inside and outside of the elevator. You just lose track of whether you are coming or going here and you do wonder if you end up feeling chilly inside.


8.Heart lift

This is a clever idea as it is managing to put across an important message, but doing so by simply using the mechanisms of the elevator itself. At least they have used the back of the elevator in the correct way in order to really put across their point and overall this is something that will surely strike a chord with a number of people.

9.Vroom Vroom

If you had to choose between these two elevators, then surely you would automatically go for the car one? It just seems to be a lot more fun to go in that one than the more boring version as you go zooming off to the next floor.


10.Stub it out

With this advert it does give you a different perspective on smoking. However, you do wonder what happens when the doors open and you hope that they have taken advantage of the back wall of the elevator.

11.Is it McDonald's

The way in which this has been done is exceptionally clever because it does just appear as if it is a tiny McDonald's where there is only enough space for two people at any given time. The way in which the elevator doors have also been used to look like doors into the shop is also very clever and the entire thing is just deceptive.



This advert is superb because of the way in which it uses the opening of the elevator door to such good effect. Everybody knows that Superman gets down to his outfit in this way, so it must have been a marketing persons dream when they realized that they could use elevators in such a clever way.


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