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Cringe Worthy Things You Wish You Had Never Seen

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:06 am

1.Please go off the Internet

At this point Delaney should really be forced into logging off the Internet and being banned from going back on there until they know the basics of life. It is scary to think that they are walking around the streets themselves.

2.A bad photoshop

There is probably nothing that can make you cringe more than a picture that is very badly photoshopped. This is a prime example because there is so much that is so clearly wrong with this that it would take hundreds of words to describe it all.

3.Please take it away

As soon as you read this you fear for this kid because he is in for a lot of trouble throughout his life thanks to the way that he seems to think and act. There is just so much wrong with this that it is difficult to even know where your cringing should start.


Yeah if you are wanting to announce to the world that you are going to be parents how about not doing it this way. Why on earth would you take a picture of your now pregnant partner hanging over the toilet and you giving the thumbs up? This is both cringe worthy and insensitive.

5.A cringe worthy way to dress

When you read all of this you do start to cringe because you cannot stop yourself from reading it in a strange voice and that cringing feeling gets worse and worse the more you read. You actually end up feeling embarrassed for the guy by the end of it all as this is just so, so bad.

6.A proposal

Is this the most cringe worthy way to ever propose to somebody? Imagine going to the extent of having it tattooed on your back and what if she goes and says no to you? There are far better ways of asking her than doing this to yourself.

7.The poor kid

If you are looking at this and just praying that it is not true, then you are doing the same as everybody else that has read this. Please just let it be that nobody this silly has managed to have children because surely that is just not right at all?


8.Yep you did it yourself

The part that really makes you cringe with all of this is that the guy keeps trying to hide the fact that he did it himself when it is so obvious that the game is up. In other words, he has managed to make a double fool of himself when it could have all been so easily avoided.

9.Bad t-shirts

These t-shirts really do make you cringe with embarrassment and it is made even worse by the fact that you know that these two guys believe that they look super cool in them. Yes they are attracting attention, but not of the type that they want to.


10.He looks creepy

The big question here is whether or not you would believe what he says and also if you would then allow him to sing for you. The chances are that you will have just said no to both of them and nobody would blame you for that either.

11.Is this for real?

Surely there is nobody out there that is genuinely confused by this? You can tell that they must have struggled with biology at school and if this is true you worry about them even just walking along the street never mind doing anything else.


12.Just so silly

This is actually very scary indeed because this girl just does not get that she has made a major spelling mistake here. She is not even close with the spelling and considering it is the President of the United States that is quite something.


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