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12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:10 pm

Every person born on this planet goes through a depressive period at some point in their life. Sadly, depression has become an integral part of our modern lives. How many times you woke up in despair, spent the entire day as a dysfunctional human being, and went back to sleep feeling empty? Admit it; we all had those bad days. This topic is a humorous recap of those episodes of depression. Trust us; these 12 depression memes are funnier than what you may think! 
1.When Your Mom Asks Who Was Crying In The Bathroom Last Night

What a fun way to begin the topic! Hey, by the way, a bathroom is never a good place to cry. It's a place where you should dispose of other things in your body, but not tears! As this meme depicts, the risk of family members hearing it is high. Ideally, you should cry in your bed, with some sad or relaxing music on. Remember, shedding tears isn't a bad thing at all. Nah, we are not agents of Satan, and we aren't promoting sorrow here! We just want to tell you that crying relieves stress and chucks out that gloomy feeling from your mind!

When Your Mom Asks Who Was Crying In The Bathroom Last Night -12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

2.We All Have Reasons To Be Sad

"Sometimes I get sad cus I'm single then I remember Rihanna is single n I get happy then I remember Rihanna is wealthy and I get sad again!" 
No one in the world's completely happy! The happiest person you know perhaps has a problem they don't want to share with people around them. We cry for not owning a Lamborghini, and those rich old guys feel sad because they are too weak to enjoy their life like young guys. That young, rich, and handsome bloke you know may have a one-inch willy, and perhaps he's secretly crying for that! Remember, everyone has a problem! By the way, If you are looking for some funny single memes, they are here.

We All Have Reasons To Be Sad-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

3.Paycheck And Bills!

"An hour into "paycheck and bills" and you realize you need to start selling drugs!"  
It has become challenging for many of us to cope with the ever-increasing costs of living, and as this meme depicts, paychecks come and go as fast as lightning! Those street drug dealers make more money on a single Friday night than you make in an entire month. Well, that doesn't mean you should start selling drugs! If you get caught by the police, that will probably be the end of your illegal as well as a legal career!

Paycheck And Bills! -12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

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