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Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:00 pm

1.Sperm Brow

This woman's brows look like to sperm heading toward an egg. Which one will get there first, no one knows, but let's hope that she doesn't draw one reaching it and a baby coming out. What a crazy look for her, and yet she seems completey happy smiling and showing it off.

Sperm Brow-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

2.Dotted Tail

Truly ridiculous eyebrows, if you can call them that. All plucked and ready for the drawing, she starts out with could be a normal brow, but then it turns to dots. The two brows are not even with each other and the dots are too random. What look was she going for?

Dotted Tail-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

3.Bushy Brows

These eyebrows are truly horrifying. They almost don't even look like hair, but more like hay. Jutting otu from his face and almost covering his eye completey, who doesn't take a scissors to something like that. Seems he is pushing it to see how far he can take it with these brows.

Bushy Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

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