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15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

Friday, Jul 29, 2016, 12:27 pm

Pregnancy is the one of the most beautiful phase of life. You wait for the yet to be born baby, make all the necessary arrangements for his/her arrival, keep thinking about cool names for the baby, take beautiful pictures with your pregnant wife etc. But sometimes pregnancy photos can go terribly wrong due to various reasons, here are 15 disgusting (probably funny) pregnancy photos ever.
1.Keeping In With Nature

There is nothing more beautiful than nature and pregnancy? Although we will take a pass on a donkey or horse licking our bulging belly for want of a better setting. Just why would she decide to go and have her belly licked by a horse? When does that become a good idea?

Keeping In With Nature-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever


There is no doubt that this is a scary photograph from start to finish, but at least the drawing of the baby is pretty good. You must be seriously bored and looking for something to do to then go and get this kind of photograph taken because it is so bad that it is funny even though it is not meant to be.

Scary-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

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This is one of those pics where you look at it and just sit and stare and stare at the apparent stupidity of it. What makes you decide to take a snap like this when you are pregnant? What makes you take a snap like this at any point in your life?

Railroad-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever


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