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15 Signs That Are Too Dumb To Digest

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 12:39 pm

Sanity test: If you find even one picture on this list reasonable, we would call you a crazy person! Take the test now. Carefully look at all the 15 funny, stupid, and pointless signs and only tell us if you find them customary! We don't know why and what for people made these signs, but boy, they are freaking hilarious. Were people trying to troll others? Were the signs an end product of dumbness? We don't know! Well, we don't often stumble upon seeing such odd signs in our real life, so here, we made a list of 15 dumb signs for you to see and laugh hard!
1.A Message for ‘Peanut Blind’ People

We have heard about color blindness, but what is this peanut blindness all about. Unless a disorder like this exists, we don’t see any reason why a ‘may contain peanuts’ sticker should be here! A sticker that only reads ‘Peanuts’ would have made some sense. Thank you, captain!

A Message for ‘Peanut Blind’ People-15 Signs That Are Too Dumb To Digest


2.Sounds More like a Personal Experience

This looks more like a crazy person's personal experience than a sign. This is and this will a weird sign.

Sounds More like a Personal Experience-15 Signs That Are Too Dumb To Digest


3.Thanks for a Life Saving Advice

This ‘Don’t Breathe Under Water’ is the best life saving advice ever written on a signboard. This place, which looks like a swimming pool, has pretty obvious advice on display to the people around. Joking aside, this sign is ridiculously stupid. For us, this is one of the most useless signs ever.

Thanks for a Life Saving Advice-15 Signs That Are Too Dumb To Digest


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