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Dumbest Reality Shows Ever

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 7:00 pm

1.Brat Camp

Yes this is all about sending brats to a special camp in order to help them overcome their behavioral issues. However, while watching it you just want to give them a good slap and that is just for starters and parents around the country are all heard commenting on the fact that their kids would never be allowed to act like that.

2.Date my mom

How could they actually manage to make a show like this? What is so good about getting somebody to date their mom? Surely that happens all of the time? The reality TV world really is absolutely bonkers.

3.America's next top model

The thing you get out of this is the harsh reality of the fashion industry, oh and there is a lot of bitching going on as well. You end up just wishing that they would pick somebody at random and be done with it rather than all of the hurdles they need to jump over before they select the one person that you never thought would win it in the first place.

4.Megan wants a millionaire

Maybe Megan should have looked at the multi-millionaire show and then we would have only been forced into putting up with one show rather than two. That single fact would have been amazing.

5.Temptation Island

The temptation here is to never send a boat or plane back to pick them up off the island and indeed that would make for a more interesting show. Instead, we have to put up with this dating type thing and it gets very boring very quickly indeed.

6.Toddlers & Tiaras

Even just the title of the show might get your blood boiling because it is all about toddlers that get all dressed up for shows. The problem lies with their parents and you often feel sorry for some of the kids, but what can they do?

7.Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?

This show is all about how some women out there live in a complete fantasy world and that to them money is everything and love etc is a distant second. This was jaw opening TV, but done in amazement at how rubbish some people are.


8.Steven Seagal: Lawman

We know that Steven sees himself as being a tough guy, but this just takes things a bit too far. He shadowed different law enforcement agencies, but all that we ended up doing was wondering when the criminals would turn on him because then we would be rooting for them.

9.The Ashlee Simpson Show

This show focused on the start of her career and sadly it did indeed lead to her having one and you just feel that we could have been really saved by it. You would quickly get rather fed up at what was going on in it and the chances of you having watched every episode must be pretty slim.


10.Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

This is a stupid program and the fact that at various times you need subtitles to understand them does tell you a lot about the show. It really is kind of point and laugh material, but laughing at them rather than with them.

11.Jersey Shore

At first you can get quite interested in this show, but that lasts for five minutes because that is when you then find out that you hate a number of the people in it. You then get fed up of the arguments and all of the rubbish things that they get up to and you just wish you could get that bit of your life back.


12.Keeping up with the Kardashians

Come on this is just basically a show where you get to see how wealthy they are and how different their life is to basically everybody else in the entire world. It is supposed to be fly on the wall, but so many people wish that they could just swat it and kill it.


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