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12 Embarrassing Pictures Of Drunk People

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:56 am

Over 2 billion people around the world drink alcohol. Whoa, that's a big number! Isn't it? Now imagine all those 2 billion drinkers being under the influence at the same time. Oh yeah, they may blow up the entire planet! We guess you know what kind of chaos drunken people create. We all have best friends who booze until they faint, and the following 12 embarrassing drunk people photos will remind you about them. Forget about liver cancer; these pictures prove why it is not a good idea to chug beer or vodka even if you are doing it occasionally!  
1.Cool bath

There are so many things going on with this photograph because it is embarrassing for the guy, but at the same time it is hilarious as he has tried to stay cool in it thanks to having his shades on. How is it even possible to get into this position without dislocating something? It just defies physics because what angle is his body at?

2.The toilet

Ok so we have no idea who these people are since all we can see is their feet, but you know that they have passed out and people are going to get a bit of a shock when they walk in. The embarrassing thing for them is when they have to walk out, or be carried out, and everybody sees the soles of their shoes and know it was them.

3.Table soccer

Even if you are completely drunk how can this be comfortable? There is no way that you should be able to fall asleep here and actually enjoy it. However, at what point do you look at this and think, hmm nice bed? If you are that drunk it is time to go home.


This is just so, so wrong and the fact that it is now online does mean that this guy is going to be unable to forget the time when he was sick in a nightclub. He just looks completely out of the game, but the photograph taken a few seconds later would have been so much better.


This photograph just proves that drunk people really can sleep anywhere. The big question you will have about this is whether he started off with his head higher than his legs before falling asleep and the see-saw action takes effect? Anyway he looks comfortable.

6.Watermelon Man

The best part in this photograph is that they made the watermelon smile, so you would be forgiven for thinking that it is part of an actual fancy dress costume. Of course the guy inside is going to get a surprise when he wakes up inside a fruit, but surely the most embarrassing thing is those pants?

Watermelon Man-12 Embarrassing Pictures Of Drunk People

7.Toilet: The Final Destination Of All Drunk People

If one of your friends goes missing at a party, the general rule is that you first need to go to the nearest bathroom to see if you can find them there! That's because a drunk person finds no better place than a toilet to puke, regret, and kick themselves for guzzling too many drinks. The frustration finally ends when they faint and collapse right in the restroom, with their heads in the toilet! The two people in the picture faced similar fate! Let's hope someone rescued them to safety. 

Toilet: The Final Destination Of All Drunk People-12 Embarrassing Pictures Of Drunk People


8.Hey cowboy!

Well isn't this the best cowboy you have seen for a long time? OK his horse does not come up to much, but does he not suit that hat? Ok so the makeup does not quite fit, but imagine the shock and embarrassment the guy is going to feel when he realizes what has gone on while drunk.

9.That Butt, Though!

 If you are a frequenter of pubs and nightclubs, this picture shouldn't surprise you. That's exactly how a lot of girls usually leave the party after a heavy drinking session! They look no less beautiful than a fairy when they arrive at the party, but by the time they leave they kind of turn into a drunk zombie! Look how the girl's walking! Where has all her cuteness gone? That butt peek is definitely the worst of all. That terrible walk would put off many men, and hence, no further comments on her booty! We are glad someone's trying to help her.

That Butt, Though!-12 Embarrassing Pictures Of Drunk People


10.Freaky dancer

This must be how Jackie Chan dances as there is a bit of kung-fu thrown in with the moves here, but you just know that the woman in question thinks that this is going to win Dancing with the Stars. To be fair to her she is really putting in the effort with the moves, but it is effort that is only as the result of alcohol.

11.Pirate princess

There is so much going on here with the various drawings, makeup, and the hat that you have to admit that it really is embarrassing for the guy in the photograph. You do wonder how drunk you have to be to not wake up when all of this is going on, but at least he can view it online later.


12.The banana

This is a prime example as to why you cannot afford to fall asleep around friends when drunk. The next thing you know have your face painted and a banana shoved somewhere to act as a penis and that is not a good look to go for.


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