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Epic Parenting Wins

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 8:03 am

1.Moving around

Well you need to take your new baby out for some fresh air, but you are in a rush so what do you do? Well you get creative and produce something like this which allows you to whiz around and get them around the block in world record time, then you can get back to checking Facebook.

2.Even adults would want this

Lets be honest here you are looking at this bedroom as an adult and you feel jealous. How much would you love this room at this moment in time never mind as a child? The father probably kicks her out every now and then just so he can enjoy it all to himself.

3.Getting creative

Well you know what is underneath all of this creativity, but is this not better? You can just picture the dad, since it would have been him, sitting up all night drawing it out and then waking up in the morning like a child waiting for Father Christmas to get started and boy did he do a good job.

4.Making stairs interesting

You just know that parents around the world are looking at this image and wishing it was them that came up with this idea. It really is so simple, but it will keep them entertained for ages especially when it is raining outside and you want them off that Playstation.

5.Repel the bear!!!

Well this is bravery to an entirely new level because not many parents would decide to have a boxing match with a bear when their family is around. OK we might not know what we would do in these exact circumstances, but just for having the balls to do it means that this father does indeed win at parenting.

6.What a clever idea

Every parent knows how difficult it is to get their baby to settle down for those early photographs, but that just shows how these parents really are seriously clever. You would never know that the father was lying under them to keep them calm with the finished article and surely this is something that more people will want to do?

7.At least they are not real

Well this is certainly a different birthday party and how much would the kids have enjoyed this? Talk about using your skills to ensure that your son has the best birthday ever. Of course they are not real and will wash off, but would you be able to get them in the bath to even do that?


8.Just wow

You can understand why they say the father of the year award with this costume because this really is something else. They were clearly not satisfied at their kid having the coolest costume, so they had to go one step further resulting in this.

9.Making sure you incorporate them

Having a child in a wheelchair results in its own set of problems, but when it comes to a Halloween costume these parents are the absolute masters. What they do is they manage to incorporate the wheelchair into the entire costume resulting in something that is better than a pumpkin.


10.The Mario lover

Well this is undoubtedly a stroke of genius because these parents know how much their kids love the likes of Mario cart, so what else can they do other than to replicate the vehicles themselves. It is amazing to think that they managed to get their kids to calm down long enough to actually play it.

11.The best buggy cover ever

This has to be the best buggy cover you will ever see even though it is clearly for geeks. The only pity is that at this moment in time the baby has no idea how cool they actually look, but other dads will be looking on with envy.


12.Beat that for a slide

Well talk about throwing down a challenge to the neighbors about the garden slide. This is something that just cannot be beaten and there is no doubt that it is a major parenting win because can you imagine the look on their kids faces when they saw this?


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