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Forced Perspective Photography

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:40 pm

1.Toy Plane

Distance is used here, and a young boy who has obeyed photographer's orders to hold his hands just right. With the photographer looking at the plane in the distance, he can arrange the boys hands so that they are actually touching the plane, making the plane look much smaller than him.

2.David and Goliath

Are these guys twins? If that's the case, then one of them definitely got all the nutrients and the other got nothing at all. It's an optical illusion that makes one guy look gigantic and the other tiny. Distance and angles are used her to create the weird looking scene.

3.Eiffel Tower

This is a great illusion, and one of the easier ones to do. With the Eiffel Tower off in the distance, and his hand close to the camera, he can appear to grab the tower with his fingers. The illusion looks so real because when compressed into a picture, you see the perspective of the photographer.

4.Sideways Sidewalk

This illusion is all done with perfect posing by the three subjects. What you are really looking at is a guy laying on his side on the sidewalk, grabbing onto a post, another guy laying sideways on the same sidewalk, with his feel positioned against a brick wall in a pose as if he is running, and the last guy is laying on his back on the sidewalk, with his legs up against the brick wall in a seated position. Turn the picture over and it all looks so real.

5.Sky High

This spectacular photo uses reflection to produce a fabulous optical illusion. Two guys laying on a float in the water of a canal, when flipped over it looks as if they are suspended in the sky over the canal. With the buildings reflected in the water, and the water and the sky looking similar, you can't tell which is which.

6.Giant Bucket

In this shot, instead of making the object look further away than the people in the shot, this photographer did the reverse. With a sand bucket held super close to the camera, and his subjects a lot further away, it looks like he just might capture them in a giant bucket.

7.Holding A Cloud

It looks as if this person has the whole world in her hands, or at least a white, puffy cloud. The photographer used distance, angle and light to capture this illusion. Directing the subject to hold their hands in such a way, he can make it appear as if she is actually holding the cloud.


8.Got You In The Palm Of My Hand

Here we have a girl hiking on a trail, but she looks like she is standing in the palm of her friend's hand. Distance is used to create the effect as the photographer poses the closer girl at the perfect angle to capture the shot of her and her friend. The closer girl has to follow exact instructions for the illusion to work.

9.Dangling Dad

The distance between this little girl and her father is a lot further than it appears. The father is holding his hand up and the daughter who is close to the camera has her hand held in such a way, that it looks as if she is holding him up. Camera angle and lighting is used to create this optical illusion, making it appear very real.


10.Leaning Tower

This is a great shot of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, taking off in the distance, as the lady laying on the ground is closer to the camera. By placing her legs in the air at just the right angle, it appears as if she is holding the tower up as it leans on her feet. A great optical illusion that only the photographer can see as he adjust his angle to capture the shot.

11.Steeple Hold

By manipulating human perception visually, by using distance and vantage point of the camera, you can produce some pretty amazing shots. In this shot the boy looks like a giant compared to the church, and looks to be able to pick it up by the tip. He better not, or he's going to have one intense steeple chase on his hands.


12.Dangling Lady

Forced perspective photography is an optical illusion that a photographer uses to make images appear closer, smaller, bigger, or further away than they are in reality. In this picture it looks like this lady is dangling from this man's hand, but in reality she is standing in the snow, with one leg and arm up, giving the impression that she is hanging, as the man, who is a lot closer to the lens, holds his hand out.


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