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12 Funniest Break-up Lines Ever

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 7:27 am

Break-ups are bad. They just make things horrible, and even hit people out of their comfort zone, crippling their lives. They are much worse when only one partner wants to part ways and the other does not. It's a tricky situation to handle. Most people find it extremely difficult to break the ice and let their partner know that they want to put an end to the relationship. In such situations, the leaving partner wants to give hints to their partners indicating them that the time has finally arrived to let them go. Read these 12 hilarious break-up lines that people sent to their partners to their relationship in a humorous way.
1.Sing it Out in Style

Breaking out in song might be just the job for breaking up in person! Or maybe just using they lyrics will do! You have to admit that this is both cool as well as funny and fair play to the other person taking it so well.


You just have to be 50 steps ahead most of the time! Don't forget you might be the ex one day as this message signifies. However, is there not a small part of you here that just realizes that your brain has been messed with?

3.A Woman Scorned

Some people do not take the break-up thing well. There could be boiled rabbits on the stove or even writing on the back of your Ford Excursion. However, at least she managed to get her point across pretty well in the space that she had available to her.

4.Ugh! Wrong Turn

Be careful what you wish for. More importantly make sure you and your passion have the same goals before you blurt them out. This one is funny because of the two people in the relationship having two completely different ideas of what is going on.

5.Seeing Is Believing

Breaking up means making sure you have the right person you are intending to break up with. In the days before social media this was easier, you could see them! How stupid must this girl feel now?


One can never tell if likening your feelings to Star Wars might change your destiny. It also may help those that are so distraught about the break-up to express their feelings in epic terms.

7.Useful Words

Having a smile like sparkly trampolines can really end a relationship as we see here. Some people never like to use the word 'break-up' in its place ''cut it short'' should suffice. However, maybe if they had put as much effort into their relationship as they did with this, then it may have been different.


8.Grammar and Spelling DO Matter

When you are breaking someone's heart do try to use the correct words at the correct times. It kind of sucks when they have to do it for you. At least this person kind of got what they were trying to say even though they made a mess of it.

9.Draw A Picture

Words can wound, words can heal, words can start wars and end wars but sometimes words are so hard to find. Drawing a giraffe can help. Now you are thinking about the animal you wish to depict aren't you?


10.Do Not Make It Gross

Breaking up is hard to do some people cannot find the words to say, so they end up saying something like this cartoon. Do give it some thought or you could end up being in one seriously tricky situation.

11.Loud and proud

Some people like to make it public. They shout it from the rooftops and hang it up on trees. I guess this beats the text break-up for low down cowardly ways of breaking up?

12.Embarrassing Break-Ups

Sometimes, with some people, other people have to break up for you! This little note from the building this pre-broken up couple come from says it all. It has to be funny when other people are telling you to break up and will help you to do it.


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