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Funniest Celebrity Tweets

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:41 pm

1.Jessica Simpson's Ball Run-In

Jessica isn't a comedian, but her awkward situation at the gym a few years back is knee-slapping funny. It's doubtful that the elderly man she's referring to in her tweet can actually use Twitter, but if he has a television and an internet connection, he more than likely knew this tweet was about him.

2.Jimmy Fallon's Jab at M. Night Shyamalan

Jimmy Fallon always says what everyone else is thinking. The late night host put a twist to the long-running joke that director M. Night Shyamalan's movies are always confusing and underdeveloped. The funny part is that Shyamalan is well aware that people generally think his movies suck, but he continues to make more.

3.Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel clearly has low standards. The 44-year-old comedian thought he could find love in a drugstore. Out of all the women walking around the store, he put the moves on the one buying a pregnancy test. Either he wants a makeshift family really bad or he can't find anyone else who will love him.

4.Tony Hawk Parenting Tips

Tony Hawk is a loveable pro skateboarder and dad, but who knew he was a comedian as well? The athlete took to Twitter to pose a rather amusing question to his followers. Someone might have taken his joke the wrong way. However, just because he's used to slamming into things while being on a wheeled apparatus, it doesn't mean he'd subject his kids to the same treatment. Or would he?

5.Mary J. Blige - Right Message But Wrong Word

This tweet by Mary J. Blige is the perfect example of why people should not preach on Twitter. Her overall message was sincere and has a lot of truth to it, but her misuse of the word 'satisfactory' makes the entire thing go down the toilet. Blige obviously meant satisfaction but she wrote satisfactory instead. She still got a lot of retweets so her followers knew what she meant.Blige gets an A for effort, or maybe that should be an E.

6.Lady Gaga Voodoo Doll

Lady Gaga has some tip-top advice for single fans to use on Valentine's Day. Rather than staying home and wallowing in self-pity, head on over to a craft store and get some supplies to make a voodoo doll or your ex. Don't go out and do something productive with your life or try to meet someone, instead create a voodoo doll and make your ex's life a living nightmare.

7.Pitbull's Foot In The Mouth Moment

Pitbull must not be used to eating when he travels abroad. When the international singer was overseas, he tweeted that he was enjoying "Chinese food in China." Pitbull must have forgotten where was, since the people living there just consider it food. Makes you wonder if he says he's enjoying "Spanish food in Spain" when he's there.


8.Anna Kendrick's Hidden Beard Tweet

Women have to constantly groom themselves to keep that baby soft appearance. But this whimsical 'secret' about Anna Kendrick should have died with her. As you begin to read the tweet, you think she's talking about a rugged guy who hasn't shaved. But as you make your way to the end of the tweet, you discover she's talking about herself. Let this be a lesson to all the men out there. The razor in your girlfriend's bathroom might just be for her face.

9.Bob Saget's penis Envy

Bob Saget talks about his nether regions at least once a week. This tweet from 2012 shows that the comedian is not afraid to make fun of himself. Of course male genitalia could never actually do something so hilarious, but the mere thought that Saget's own body part resents him is laugh-out-loud funny.


10.Sherri Shepherd's Plugged Up

Sherri Shepherd isn't one to hold back personal information, even though the rest of the world wishes she would. The talk show host could have gone to the pharmacy or called a friend to walk her through her constipation issues. But that would have made too much sense and instead, her Twitter followers were subjected to reading the many ways she tried to un-plug her issue.

11.Kourtney Kardashian's Anatomy Question

The Kardashian family isn't the sharpest tools in the shed, and this question is one of the reasons why. Instead of going to Google and doing a little bit of research, Kourtney Kardashian opted to ask her Twitter followers whether or not ants have a penis. It's not clear why she wanted to know this bit of useless information, but her boyfriend Scott Disick should definitely be concerned.


12.Lil Jon's TMI Moment

Sharing means caring, but in this instance, rapper Lil Jon should have kept this information to himself. Using the bathroom is a natural part of life, but sharing the fact that you were holding in your fecal matter is not something anyone wants to read about. Lil Jon should invest in some adult diapers in the future.

13.Weird Al Yankovic's Quip at Christina Aguilera

In 2011, Christina Aguilera had the internet buzzing over her horrendous National Anthem rendition at Super Bowl XLV. She's always been a great singer, but during this performance she forgot the words to the anthem and began singing whatever came to mind. Parody King Weird Al Yankovic quickly told Aguilera not steal his motif of changing the words to songs for a living.

14.Danny Zuker's Response to Chris Brown

In 2012, Virginia was hit by an earthquake. Upon hearing the news, Chris Brown took to Twitter to ask his followers to pray for his home state. Many followed suit and did what he asked, by Modern Family writer Danny Zuker had a different response. Zuker'sresponse was a play on the fact that Virginia can also double as a woman's name. Zuker figured that since he had already beaten one woman, that Virginia was his latest victim.


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