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12 Funniest Detention Slips Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:57 am

We all got in some sort of trouble when we were kids, and most of us have faced the wrath of the school management in one or the other way for all our misdoings. However, A lot of us might not have done something so terrible that it would fetch us a detention. A detention slip scares most students, but the following 12 oddballs didn't seem to have a problem with it! Read what these kids had done to receive a detention from their class teacher. Mind you, the wrong actions of these students are sinfully hilarious!
1.May be she was enthusiastic?

Well the first thing you will notice is the name, but it is not the actress, so do not get too excited. Instead, you get the feeling that the teacher was a bit too sensitive because maybe she is just very enthusiastic and wanted to get involved? Ok that is just a slim chance because in all honesty she probably just loves to hear her voice.

2.A Step Too Far

What would you do if you were the teacher of this kid? The kid's behavior would definitely confuse the hell out of you! Many of us don't know how to respond well in such a situation.  Apparently, a student masturbated in class, and when his teacher confronted him, he removed his shirt and said, "Come at me, bro!" For us, this detention slip is the most shocking yet funny one we have ever read.  Kids like these need professional counseling, without which they remain immature and don't learn a thing even when they become an adult.

A Step Too Far-12 Funniest Detention Slips Ever

3.A lot of Bible bashing

There does seem to be a lot of hitting people with the Bible in schools in the United States and should we be worried about this apparent trend? Surely there comes a time where you have to just take a stand with it because we cannot have the next generation of the US running around doing this en masse.

4.Fart on cue

Well the chair squeaking would be annoying, but then farting in the face of another student is bad on the one hand, but absolutely hilarious on the other. You just know that the farter would have been immensely proud of their actions even if the other student was now distraught.

5.Well maybe they were?

The thing that strikes you about this detention slip, apart from the Bible striking you, is that maybe they were just telling the truth? How are we to know that the other person was not in actual fact an infidel? Maybe the kid in question has greater insight than we realized?

6.He just got detention?

Well you have to admit that at least this is a different excuse for somebody to be given detention and the chances of it ever being beaten by another action are pretty slim to say the least. You wonder what provoked him into doing this in the first place because surely that is not normal behavior?

7.A cutting remark

When you read the reason as to why this kid got detention you can kind of understand why the teacher felt that they really had no option. This is one scathing remark to make, but then maybe the do actually know where they live and were not being cheeky just giving them directions?


8.Old before his time

The thing that this kid needs to remember is that you may be interested in their breasts at this part of your life, but you do not go ahead and discuss them or talk about milk from them. This would not even be fine if it was in biology, but you just know it would be in something stupid like computing.

9.What on earth is going on?

The first thing that jumps into your head with this detention slip is just what the hell is going on with this kid that they end up doing this? You then stop for a moment and start to laugh when you realize how absolutely insane it actually is.


10.Just bizarre

Ok so at times you just have to accept that some students are capable of some absolutely bizarre types of behavior and this is a prime example. Quite what was going through this students head at this moment in time is probably something we should just never try to understand.

11.Well maybe he is??

The thing that the teacher has to take into consideration here is that maybe he actually is Superman and there was some major crime happening and they were calling for him? Maybe he then had to sit back down due to pressure from the teacher and him not wanting to upset her. Did she even think of all of that?


12.They teach them young

With this reason for detention it is clear that the girls would have been offended by it, but the guys would have all thought that he was indeed the coolest dude out there with the speed at which he made the comment. The fact that he does it all of the time only helps his cause.


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