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12 Funniest Detention Slips Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:57 am

We all got in some sort of trouble when we were kids, and most of us have faced the wrath of the school management in one or the other way for all our misdoings. However, A lot of us might not have done something so terrible that it would fetch us a detention. A detention slip scares most students, but the following 12 oddballs didn't seem to have a problem with it! Read what these kids had done to receive a detention from their class teacher. Mind you, the wrong actions of these students are sinfully hilarious!

#10 A Lot Of Bible Bashing

There does seem to be a lot of hitting people with the Bible in schools in the United States and should we be worried about this apparent trend? Surely there comes a time where you have to just take a stand with it because we cannot have the next generation of the US running around doing this en masse.

A Lot Of Bible Bashing-12 Funniest Detention Slips Ever


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