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12 Funniest Family Guy Memes

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 11:13 am

Family Guy is one of the crassest TV shows ever, but many people still watch it because it's hilarious! It makes one laugh, and at the end of the day, humor is what all that matters to most of us. An animated TV show of its stature will always compel a lot of internet users to make memes and funny jokes on it. Just like the show, Family Guy memes and jokes are hilarious and dirty at the same time. Check these 12 funny family guy memes that we think are the best ones on the internet.  
1.Well said

Yes well said Peter because who indeed does care about all of that? We are all on your side as you stand up for us all and be the man we all want to be.

2.So very true

The only sad part with this meme is that he did not actually say it because you just know that it is the kind of thing that he would actually come out with. However, a good point is being made here because why do people do that?

3.It is indeed

Is there any point in trying to argue against this theory because round is indeed a shape. OK it may not be the shape you were hoping for, but it still counts and you need to try to be happy with it.

4.That's not how it works

Somebody better tell him that this is not how it works when it comes to using a calculator. Where would you even put the batteries and where are all of the buttons?

5.Nope we hate wondering

How true is this? Temptation is a horrible thing and you just know that Peter is going to give in at any point and just hit that button as it is getting too much for him.

6.Dangerous dream

Well this is certainly something that we hope never happens to us, but the look on his face is absolutely priceless. He does indeed have that look that something bad might have happened and it is best that we do not know the full details.

7.Equality doesn't work

The problem here is that equality is not exactly working out when you have opinions such as the ones held by Peter. He struggles to see how things should perhaps work because after all he is the man here.


8.You Are Correct

Well you cannot blame Chris for coming up with this answer when you consider what has been put in front of him. Lets face it if this was real we would all be at least thinking the same thing wouldn't we?

You Are Correct-12 Funniest Family Guy Memes

9.Well is he?

You do have to question his sexuality at times because he can be rather camp with the way he does things. Hey just because you have a family does not have to mean anything!!


10.He would have just started

There is no doubt that he must have just started watching Twilight because that is the only way in which he could end up passing out so quickly. Lets face it we all think along the same lines ourselves.

11.Very annoying

Yep if this happened to you surely you would end up as annoyed as this? The frustration would just ooze out of your every pore.


12.Adolf Hitler In Family Guy

Adolf Hitler character keeps appearing on the show. Do you think any other TV show can portray the notorious Austrian-born German dictator as openly as Family Guy does? The meme belongs to one of the many Family Guy Hitler moments, where Peter is shown irking the Nazi leader. The joke that comes at the end of this particular scene is even more hilarious. Peter says, "Free beer on this Mother Fuhrer" sending many of us into a fit of laughter! In one of the shows, Stewie Griffin dresses up like Hitler and enters into a secret Nazi lab. The conversation between Stewie and Hitler is hilarious! 

Adolf Hitler In Family Guy -12 Funniest Family Guy Memes
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