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12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 6:45 am

Imagine you were Bill Gates. You are the world's richest person. You own the world's most dominant software company. Everything's great, but there's one thing that makes your company a laughing stock to millions. Oh yes, we are talking about the Internet Explorer browser! What would you do to make the Internet Explorer people's favorite browser? Forget it; it will never happen! Microsoft has been trying its best to make Internet Explorer a better browser and stop it from being a butt of all jokes on the web. Take a look at these 12 funny Internet Explorer memes to see how badly people mock IE on the internet!

#12 First Time

For anyone over the age of thirty, Internet Explorer was probably what you used for your first time browsing the internet. The saying goes, that you'll always remember you first time, and many of us will. We were so excited to be able to roam the virtual world of the world wide web, we saw fireworks.

First Time-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever



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