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12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:49 am

Occasionally, newspaper headlines catch our attention for wrong reasons. Sometimes, it can be a spelling mistake. At times, it is the result of a writer or editor's sarcasm and sense of humor. Publications spend huge amount of time in creating attention-grabbing titles. It is not an easy job, and a lot of factors influence it. If we had written an article on Anthony Weiner's life, we would have surely named it "The Rise and Fall of Weiner"! How often do you see a politician named Wiener involving in a sex scandal? Well, that is not going to happen every day! Have a look at 12 funniest and punniest newspaper headlines that are sure to crack you up!

#12 Homeless Survive Winter: Now What?

How do you read the news headline in the picture? We can instantly sense the disappointment, right? Damn, the winter didn't kill them! Now, what? How are we going to kill them?!  Although the writer seems to be empathic towards homeless, the headline just killed the seriousness of the article. Nonetheless, the title is hilarious! This article with this funny news headline was published on the front page of The Sacramento Bee on April 6, 2011.

Homeless Survive Winter: Now What?-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written



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