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Funniest Pics Of Lazy People

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020, 10:13 am

1.Self Service

With more and more people using self service at gas stations, it might seem that we are all energetic and happy to save a buck. No, not everyone. Some people are looking for the easy way out, and instead of leaving their car to pump it up, just stretch out the window, and pump the gas from there.


2.Head Rest

Don't want your head to fall over on the train, tie it with a scarf. It's better than staying awake and doing some work, or maybe even propping yourself up in a dignified way. No, this guy would rather suffocate in his own scarf, by tying it to the back of his seat.

3.Light Through The Package

No time to take the packaging off the light bulb, or just too lazy to do it. Why not just screw it in and turn on the light? The package won't melt will it? It definitely doesn't seem to matter what it looks like. What is that joke about how many lazy people does it take to screw in a light bulb?


4.Cool Drink In The Sun

This guy has the perfect set up. He doesn't even have to sit up to have a drink. With the straw through the slats in his lounge chair, he can just sip when he wants to. Although, it does look like he put a lot of effort into coming up with this ingenious invention.

5.Going For A Ride

This is not what a treadmill is for. It's for running and walking fast to burn fat. This guy has a smart way to use his treadmill and clock up some miles on his scooter. Hey, at least he is wearing a helmet. Now all he has to do is close his eyes and travel in his own mind to someplace where everyone is as unhealthy as him.


6.Mom On Wheels

Hey, if baby gets to ride, why can't mom. Whatever happened to walking off the baby weight, getting in shape, and staying in shape. What is going to happen to our legs in the years to come. We will evolve into creatures without them because we hardly ever use them anymore.

7.Draw Around It

Looks like the workers who drew this line, didn't feel like stopping to move that tree branch. Why not just draw around it, it's not like it matters, right? The laziness of workers is just astounding. As long as they get a salary, no one wants to go the extra mile, or in this case, draw it.


8.Food Shopping

Forget walking around the supermarket, let's catch a ride on the back of a scooter, meant for the disabled. Perfectly healthy people are becoming lazier and lazier as they look for anyway out of exerting energy. It's no wonder everyone is getting so fat these days. Maybe if we used up calories during our every day lives, we would be healthier.

9.Walking The Dog

Dog needs walking, let's get the copter out and his leash. Hopefully, the blades don't catch a gust of wind, or worse yet, pull up and the dog is hanging by his neck. This really does give new meaning to "who's turn is it to walk the dog?" It's no wonder obesity is such an epidemic in our country.


10.Too Far To Walk

How close is too close to drive there? It would make sense that the length of your driveway is a little too close to drive your car. But, it seems like these people are extreme anyway, heck, they have their own island and a boat. Looks like a really fun place to live, but I would walk.

11.Escalator Fail

Are people really that lazy that they are willing to wait in a long line rather than use the stairs. Apparently so. Just look at all these people who don't even think to use the stairs. First, they will get to where they are going much quicker, and second, use up some calories.


12.Taking Out The Trash

There's lazy and then there's real lazy. It's amazing what some people will do to get out of doing work. It looks like this person didn't feel like walking the trash can to the curb, and would rather drag it alongside their car to get it there. Seems like a lot more energy expended.


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