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12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:24 am

It's hard to tell if you are going to like these popsicle stick jokes or not, but they will surely remind you of your childhood. Kids love popsicles a lot. Did you know popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old San Francisco boy, Frank Epperson, in 1911? The invention was purely an accident. Frank left flavored soda in cold weather with a stirring stick in it. When he came back to collect the drink, he noticed that it was frozen. When he tried to pull the stick out of it, he got hold of frozen soda! You can thank us for the cool fact later, but first, read 12 best popsicle stick jokes that are either funny or awful!  
1.Funny Apples Popsicle Joke

Well, this is one of those terrible yet funny jokes. It is not all that difficult to understand, and one may or may not find it humorous.  At least, this joke is not a complex one. This popsicle joke also seems to be a tricky riddle one can ask their friends. Most people are going to miss the basic logic and come up with a ballpark figure. For all the curious souls who are reading this topic, here is the actual answer. A full-grown Apple tree produces 3 to 6 bushels of apples. A lot of factors like climate, soil, variant, etc. influence the yield, though. 

Funny Apples Popsicle Joke -12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol

2.Sick Boat Popsicle Stick Joke

What does a boat do when it's sick? It goes to the dock! Brilliant pun, isn't it? This joke is definitely one of the best on the topic. We find it absorbing more than amusing. When a boat is sick (breaks down), it does go to the dock (doc). The words sick and dock are cleverly used to make the pun. The word sick refers to a mechanical problem or failure of the boat, while the word dock sounds more like a homophone to the word doc (doctor).

Sick Boat Popsicle Stick Joke-12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol

3.This Popsicle Stick Animals Joke

What are the smartest animals? Fish, because they live in schools! The joke is hilarious, but many people, especially kids may not get it right away. The common collective noun of fish is school. Fishes live in groups, and they all swim in same direction. They work together to protect their group from predators. The word school originated from the Dutch word "schole", which means a troop or crowd. Remember, not all groups of fishes are called schools. A group of flying fishes is referred to as a glide of flying fish, and a bunch of eels is called a swarm of eels.

This Popsicle Stick Animals Joke -12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol

4.The band

This joke is not that bad although clearly some people will absolutely hate it from the moment they read it, but then you cannot please everybody. At least this joke is straightforward to understand, so you do not have to stay there explaining everything apart from to people that are just a bit silly.


Why did the mother clam scold her children? They were being shellfish! Well, this is another corny pun and good play on words. The good thing is that it at least makes some sense. Whoever made this pun had put a lot of thought into it. If you love reading puns or one-liner jokes, you will appreciate their effort. Popsicle makers just copy these jokes from the internet. We don't think they wrote this. You may want to read more such "punny" one-liner jokes here. 

Clams-12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol


This is certainly a joke that if you tell it to a child you are going to spend the next couple of minutes explaining it to them. It is actually very clever, but perhaps a bit too clever for some kids and surely that will then spoil the effect?

Numbers-12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol


What does one icicle say to other icicle before leaving? Bye-Cicle (Bicycle). This joke falls into the funny and witty category, and that is quite rare when it comes to popsicle stick jokes. Most of the jokes on popsicle stick jokes are too plain or stupid. The wordplay in this joke is very impressive, though. Well, one needs to have that soft spot for puns in their heart to appreciate this joke, without which it just sounds dumb. It is a naughty question to ask your friends or start a Tinder conversation in a humorous way! 

Icicles-12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol


8.Something fishy

This is certainly one of those jokes where you groan at it before laughing, so in that respect it is actually quite good. OK so we could read a lot into who Kayla is and why they used that name, but that would just be taking things away from the joke itself.


OK so this is going to be funny to some people, but absolutely terrible to others, but that is part of the enjoyment of these popsicle stick jokes. They are often really hit or miss, so decide for yourself if this is something you laugh at, or something you cry at.


10.The dog

Considering the space they have available with the joke this is actually quite a good one especially if you do love dogs in the first place. It is short, to the point, and the punch line delivers and there is really nothing else that you need from a popsicle stick.

11.The cow

This is a typical joke from a popsicle stick in that at first you can actually read it and then you have to wait until it sinks in and actually makes sense. This is what happens here, but then you eventually realize that it is actually quite clever even if it is also a bit corny.


OK so to understand these two you need to understand baseball, but considering most of the people in the US know what second base is, then it is fine to include them. These types of jokes are common with popsicle sticks and at least they will raise a bit of a smile.


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