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12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:24 am

It's hard to tell if you are going to like these popsicle stick jokes or not, but they will surely remind you of your childhood. Kids love popsicles a lot. Did you know popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old San Francisco boy, Frank Epperson, in 1911? The invention was purely an accident. Frank left flavored soda in cold weather with a stirring stick in it. When he came back to collect the drink, he noticed that it was frozen. When he tried to pull the stick out of it, he got hold of frozen soda! You can thank us for the cool fact later, but first, read 12 best popsicle stick jokes that are either funny or awful!  

#12 Funny Apples Popsicle Joke

Well, this is one of those terrible yet funny jokes. It is not all that difficult to understand, and one may or may not find it humorous.  At least, this joke is not a complex one. This popsicle joke also seems to be a tricky riddle one can ask their friends. Most people are going to miss the basic logic and come up with a ballpark figure. For all the curious souls who are reading this topic, here is the actual answer. A full-grown Apple tree produces 3 to 6 bushels of apples. A lot of factors like climate, soil, variant, etc. influence the yield, though. 

Funny Apples Popsicle Joke -12 Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes That Will Make You Lol



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