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15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:56 pm

Some of us love playing pranks on people, though we absolutely hate being pranked. Pranks are only cool as long as they aren't dangerous! Some pranks can make you laugh, while others can give you a heart-attack. Some pranks are genuine, while other are just dumb. Here are fifteen images of evil pranks that are actually genius! You can try one of these on your friends if you want! 
10.The Baby from Hell

This is another insane and cruel prank you shouldn't be playing on people with weak heart or people with psychological disorders. You can try this only if you are sure of what you are doing. All you need to for this prank is a house with a roof-light. Tape a creepy baby doll on it, and see how people in your home freak out seeing it!

The Baby from Hell-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

11.Saddest Prank Ever

This requires no further explanation as you can read everything on the picture. We feel very sad for that lady! She had the disappointment of her life, and we guess it would have taken a long time for her to get over that incident. She should have known that she wasn't working in a multi-national company to get gifts like Toyota cars for sales targets! 

Saddest Prank Ever-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

12.Don't Even Think of Doing That

If you are a girl, and thinking do this on your friend, we strongly think it will be the last day of your friendship. If you are a guy, and if you plan to do this on your friend or colleague, this thing may even land you in jail based on how mad she gets with this. This looks good on photo, and looks great to onlookers, but the girls being pranked will feel terrible unless they are okay with it.

Don't Even Think of Doing That-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

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