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Funniest TV Ads

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 3:40 pm

1.Skittles Pinata

This advert is funny simply because of how strange it is to watch. The funniest part has to be the rather anguished cry that happened at the end, so even if you are not that amused with it do hang on until the very last minute or you will miss out on something good.

2.Bud Light Mr really really really bad dancer

This advert was so well made even though it moved from radio to television. It featured them lauding all of the bad male dancers that exist in the world and even though you wondered what it had to do with this beer there is no doubt that it was a fantastic advert that people just simply loved.

3.Wendy's Where's the beef?

This advert consisted of three old women making some rather subtle suggestive comments and it is an advert that just hit a nerve with so many people and had them in tears of laughter. If you have never seen it, then you are missing out and the best advice is to go ahead and check it out because you will be ever so glad that you did so.

4.Reebok Terry Tate

The reason why this advert is so funny is because of the way in which it involves some pretty slapstick violence. It all focuses on the way in which a former linebacker tackles his work colleagues and you cannot help but laugh at some of the situations.

5.Budweiser Whassup

This advert ended up becoming a phenomenon even though it simply involved different people uttering one key word. This actually led to other people repeating it in the street and when calling friends and there were contests to see who could do the craziest and funniest version. This advert was a major hit.

6.Starburst Bus Station

This advert is funny simply because of the main character that is in it because if you are looking for something oddball, then this is the guy for you. It is funny, it is absurd, and basically it is just seriously strange, but quite often strange can actually be very good.

7.Holiday Inn Whale Song

This advert is a bit crazy to be honest with you and it is funny just because of the main character imitating a humpback whale while sitting in his hotel room. There is no real point to it and that is why you cannot fail but laugh at the insanity surrounding this advert.


8.Apple Stuffed

This was part of a series of adverts that ran between 2006 and 2009 and each one was funny in its own right. This particular one called stuffed is certainly worth watching again due to the fact that he is stuffed due to too much trial software being made available.

9.Fedex fast paced

This advert is an absolute classic and it is rightfully mentioned as being one of the funniest adverts of all time. It focuses on the speed at which this guy can talk, which is actually at 450 words per minute, and you just sit there laughing and being amazed at this pretty crazy talent.


10.Hamlet photo booth

This advert for Hamlet cigars is all about the way in which a photo booth always manages to capture you when you are not ready. This involves the guy with his bad comb over having his hair fall over and the seat collapse and it is an advert that has won a number of awards even at Cannes.

11.Gorilla drummer

This advert for Cadbury's chocolate in the UK shows a gorilla close up with a Phil Collins tune in the background. Suddenly, the gorilla starts playing the drums and it is the way in which you see that the gorilla is really in the groove that makes it even funnier because boy is he really feeling the music.


12.John West salmon

This advert basically shows a fisherman fighting a bear for a salmon. That in itself is funny, but when the bear does some martial arts followed by the guy kicking it in the testes you cannot help but laugh at it. This has to be one of the best adverts of all time.


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