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Funniest Texts For A Cake

Friday, Dec 4, 2015, 9:27 am

Everyone loves cake. It's the most important part of any event or celebration. All our celebrations will be boring without cakes. But cake is not just a desert to eat. It can be used for many things like as a throwing object during a food fight or even sending out a message for someone. Here are 12 people who came up with best cake texts to send out their message, apology or even gratitude. # 6 is sure to make you lol!
1.Drunken Choices

Bam! A slap in the face cake. Who knows what this chump did while he or she was drunk, but apparently it wasn't good. To pour salt (or shall we say ... sugar) in the wound, someone wants to make sure they know how foolish they were, by putting it in writing on a cake.

Drunken Choices-Funniest Texts For A Cake

2.Gender Confusion

There is no way out of it, but this person is trying hard to apologize. However, if you're a man who is mistaken for a woman, who doesn't want to be mistaken for a women, then this cake isn't going to do the trick. Instead they should have written "I knew you were a man, but wished you were a woman."

Gender Confusion-Funniest Texts For A Cake


Now this cake screams forgive me. It seems someone "slipped" up and ended up somewhere he shouldn't have gone. Now there is nothing else to do but apologize, and apologize up the butt. What better way to say I'm sorry than with frosting, gum drops and sprinkles? Maybe some lube.

Butt-Funniest Texts For A Cake


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