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12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever

Saturday, Sep 19, 2020, 10:33 am

Thongs look sexy when hot girls wear them. They look even sexier when they slip out of girls' dresses. Not all thong slips are sexy, though. If you are a frequenter to Walmart or other mega stores, you might have already seen fat, ugly, and older women willingly or unwillingly flashing their thongs. If you are unfortunate enough, you might have even seen men doing that! What you are about to see on this list are such ugly thong slip pictures. Here are the 12 funniest thong fail pictures that make you laugh or cringe hard!
1.Be Free!

Become free! Embrace all that life has to offer, dance like no-one is looking, work like you don't even need that job! Wear a Thong like no one would even notice!

Be Free!-12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever

2.Shelly Scooter

Everyone who walked behind Sally Scooter that day enjoyed the wide smile she had to offer. However, they saw it as the family pack more than anything else due to the size.

Shelly Scooter-12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever

3.Too big

Ring, ring! "Hi there!". She purrs "Hi! What are you wearing?" He asks "A tight pink tank, with tighter pink thong sliding over my smooth buttock cheeks". Some people definitely have phone voices, like radio voices. Or even phone lives.

4.Underwear Rules

No matter what, make sure your underwear is great when you go out. In case you are in an accident and need to go to hospital and give the staff heart failure when they realize you are wearing something like this.

5.Secret Lives

No one knew Harold led a secret life so rich and seductive it was better hidden under his pants. Except today he forgot to hide it under his pants lading to the thong show going on.

6.Twin Peaks

It seems in life ass-holes tend to find one another. I mean asses. I mean people with similar asses. Oh, Never mind just look at the picture and see how wrong it is for the guy to have that thong on.

Twin Peaks-12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever

7.Clothes Swap

"What? My girl friend wears my boxer shorts to sleep in?". Oh well, at least he is reminding us he is in fact a bad ass. Very bad ass because that thong just does not go with that outfit.


8.Never Say Never

Yes! You can never be too thin, to rich nor wear too many thongs. Never forget that. Perhaps forget that? If you can because boy is it going to take a long time to get this image out of your head.

9.Thongs With Their Own Filo-fax

"Okay thong, have you chosen one yet, I'm in a hurry". This is when your thong has its own social life and needs to get friend thong a birthday card. It is certainly having a good look.


10.Watch Out For Those sexy Net Profiles

"I work out, I have long blond hair, I cycle and I wear Lycra so tight you can see my thong". Somehow that might sound good on an online profile, but in real life not so good. At least she wasn't lying?

11.Oh Hell!

We have been told thongs are dangerous for loads of reasons, unwanted advances, hygiene purposes, but no one told us about the fence attack issue? OK so it is not a thong as such, but it is still funny.


12.It's A Case of No VPLS

"Damn! I'm going to have butt crack lines". Some people take tanning too far, some people take beach life too far, even fashion too far and then their thong goes too far.


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