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12 Funniest Webcomics On The Internet

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 8:59 am

Many of us grew up reading comic books, and we are sure we still have some soft spot left for them in our hearts. As an adult, one may not find time to sit and read comic books, and that doesn't mean we have to abandon them completely. We believe many of you are aware of webcomics. The biggest problem with them, however, is that many authors have a bad reputation of deserting their work abruptly, disappointing their fans. The following is a list of some of the finest and famous funny webcomics on the internet, penned by some talented and responsible authors.
1.Girl Mountain - Simon Hanselmann

Simon Hanselmann hits the nail on the head with Girl Mountain. A mid-length short story style comic, it is dark comedy at its finest. We follow Meg the teenage witch as they find adventure in a Los Angeles style neighborhood. She along with her monster friends, who happen to be stoners, will have you splitting your pants laughing.

2.Depression, Part II - Hyperbole And A Half

Another top comic on the net is written by Hyperbole and a Half, a comic called Depression, Part II. Very relatable for anyone who's been down, and for those who haven't. Who hasn't though, come on now. Written in a comic essay format, the genre is observational.

3.Gunshow Comic - K.C. Green

Gunshow is a standalone comic written by K.C. Green. Gunshow comics are short and easy to understand. The webcomics are very funny.  They are known for their colorful and vibrant characters. Unlike many other webcomic series, Gunshow is easily accessible and free to read. K.C. Green hosted the comic series on his website, He confirmed that the series was over, and there would be no new updates from him. However, one can still access all the 900 comic strips on

Gunshow Comic - K.C. Green-12 Funniest Webcomics On The Internet

4.Crawdads Welcome - Ezra Butt

Ezra Butt's Crawdads Welcome is a stand alone style comic short. Very funny animals with wise mouths, talking crap all the time. Written in a hilarious way, this is one of the top comics on the net. The black and white sketches are its trademark style, with lots of dialogue.

5.The Perry Bible Fellowship - Nicholas Gurewitch

Could be the muppets or Dr. Suess at first glance, but The Perry Bible Fellowship is anything but once you realize that all the characters are almost identical and that there is no continuity. This dark comic has some horrible things happen, but they are hysterically funny, you just can't feel bad.

6.Creased Comics - Brad Neely

Creased Comics is a single panel webcomic series written by Brad Neely. The comics are one of the most popular and funniest webcomic series on the internet. Brad Neely is the author of Creased Comics, and his comics can sometimes be hard to get at first, which makes them much more interesting than the usual ones. Creased Comics is exclusively for comic book lovers. Mind you, if you are a dim-witted person, you are going to take an eternity to understand the jokes. Hence, the comics are not for everyone! If you have not checked Brad Neely's work before, visit now. You will not be disappointed!

Creased Comics - Brad Neely-12 Funniest Webcomics On The Internet

7.Penny Arcade - Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik

One of the best webcomic, Penny Arcade is about roommates in their twenties discussing video games and the internet. Yes, it's been done, but never as well as this. With a huge following, this comic is the a model for comics that came after it and for comics to come.


8.White Ninja - Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

White Ninja is a hilarious comic that uses simple black and white sketches, not even drawn that well, to entertain through absurdity. Not sure that being unaffected by pain makes one a ninja, but this character seems a little light on the brain load. After a few strips, you're hooked.

9.Dinosaur Comics - Ryan North

Using the same pictures over and over again, the colors and dialogue make pull this comic to the top. It's hilarious to see the dialogue change for the same set of pictures you've seen, but each time Ryan North outdoes himself. Writing the comic five times a week, it hilarious how funny it can be by just rearranging the pictures and adding different words.


10.Achewood - Chris Onstad

Ray Suckles is a rich playboy cat who treats a group made up of robots and stuffed animals, including a cracked head squirrel. Funnier than any cat comic character you've see, yes that's directed at Garfield, this comic follows the dysfunctional group as they engage in all sorts of adventures.

11.Dr. McNinja - Chris Hastings and Kent Archer

Different from the McRib at McDonalds, we've got Dr. McNinja. If you haven't guessed what it's about from the name, it's about a doctor, who's ... a ninja. Laid out in real comic book style, giving it a real old time feel. Reminiscent of Flash Gordon with a much more modern approach.

12.Overcompensating - Jeffrey Rowland

Overcompensating is a comic by Jeffery Roland that kind of like Doonesbury, but more cynical. A diary comic that rants over every day things. Sarcastic and funny, there are undead cats and robotic elves to make you laugh. Is the author really overcompensating, or is he right on target with his humor?


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